Thursday, April 20, 2006

There's Hope For Him Yet

So I'm pretty sure I have admitted my deepest, darkest secret to you, my friends. Yes, I married a Republican. The debates in this house are often a sight to behold, usually winding up with one of us chiding the other about being loud enough to wake Mr. Personality.

Hubba-hubba is by far a better debater than I, you would think I learned some tricks from him for the 16 years I have known him. But no. So sometimes even if he agrees with me, he will argue the opposite point just to piss me off. Are all Republicans like this?

Our "discussions" about this particular Administration have inlcuded pre-emptive war, No Child Left Behind, domestic spying, Chinese relations and the trade deficit, the national deficit, Republican hypocrisy regarding government funding and spending, immigration, CIA operative name-leaking, tax cuts for the upper class, and the evangelical right, just to name a few.

I can rarely make him really angry during these sessions. He is very calm and level-headed, whereas I tend to be the loose cannon. He remains unflustered while I bluster on and on. I think you can guess as to who is the one usually in danger of waking the boy.

But the other day, we were talking and he suddenly bolted upright on the couch. He said he had heard an interview with President Bush on the television, and it had made him very upset.

Finally, I thought to myself. This man is finally beginning to realize what is going on in this country!

Me: (in the most dulcet of tones) Honey, what did you hear that upset you so much?

Hubba-hubba: Well, some reporters were asking the President what kind of music he has on his iPod and what he enjoys listening to.

Me: (a little confused as to where this is going) Ok....

Hubba-hubba:(voice rising) And he told them he likes to turn on the Beatles!


Me: Is there something wrong with the Beatles? That's actually one of the more encouraging things I've heard about him recently.

Hubba-hubba: (practically quivering with righteous indignation) NO! The point is that the Beatles catalogue ISN'T AVAILABLE for downloading. The President of the United States of America is illegally downloading music while the likes of you and I have to pay!

This, this of all things is what has soured Hubba-hubba on the Prez.

*** I feel I must add this addendum, so as not to portray Hubba-hubba as some sort of Luddite. Technically, it is illegal to even burn CD's.


Granny said...

Let's not forget the acorn and the mighty oak.

Ray officially belongs to a religious denomination which is opposed to everything I favor. These days, he finds himself disagreeing with his own choice of religions 90% of the time. I remain silent.

No "told you so" from me.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

You can calm your hubby down: I have Beatles on my iPod, too. I didn't download anything illegally--I have the CDs (and probably so does the Prez) and just imported them.

Although, if this is the one issue that keeps your hubby from being a Bush supporter, we can just keep the whole CD-thing to ourselves...


Anvilcloud said...

Yeah, Angry is right. You can rip any CD that you have. But I'm willing to assume the worst. :)

WordsRock said...

Hey, whatever it takes to wake him up. Is he really part of the 36%?


Bobita said...

Oh, God! I'm so sorry...I had no idea! A Republican? You must REALLY love that man!! ;)

On the positive-side (assuming this is one...), your husband's Republicanism is SOOOOO blog-worthy! Hee-hee!!

J said...

I have the Beatles on my iPod, too. Same way, from my CDs. That's how most of my music gets to the iPod, actually. But, along with your other commenters, I am perfectly willing to assume the worst about the evil one.

Suzanne said...

Hey, whatever it takes! War predicated on nonexistent weapons of mass destruction here, illegal downloading there, it's just different points on the slippery slope.

Mega Mom said...

I am fascinated by relationships and good debates and people who can love one another despite differences.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are of opposite political persuasions. I'd love to be a fly on your wall!

Liz said...

Sometimes it's the little things that make us really see the light! I'm sure now that that window is open a crack, he'll see what's really in front of him! Haha.

chichimama said...

Too funny. Hey, whatever gets them to switch loyalties :-).

From another WOR (wife of republican)

Hope said...

It may this that brings down the administration

KMae said...

I have a friend who is republican. But I don't trust her.

Anonymous said...

Oh why can't we get along? :)

I hate Republicans AND Democrats! You know, just to be fair. I love that liberals think they are so much more evolved because they are "open minded" when in fact they are just as narrowed-minded as republicans.

A non-partisan lover of your blog...

Gina said...

Well, thanks anonymous. I think. ;)

I am actually of the mind that both parties suck and to me, the Democrats just suck a little less.

And for Suzanne- no he is not part of the 36%. He foretold of the evilness of Dick Cheney before Bush was ever elected. And he was right. For him, the Republicans just suck a little less.

Is anyone really satisfied completely with their party? I'm guessing no. I guess we could all become independents and "throw our votes away."

dinodoc said...

Hey, maybe this i-pod business will finally open the door for impeachment!! Sigh...a girl can dream.

One of the lovely things about Washington State is that we don't have to declare a party in the general election, so we can be as independent as we want to be! Another good reason not to leave. ;)

Liz said...

Also, one of the benefits of being "independent" is that we are not bombarded with phone calls from the local and national party candidates.

Independent all the way, baby!