Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Indie Virus

So I was infected by the Indie Virus from Oshee over at Hallucinations. Sorry it took me so long to get this up. (cough, cough)

You see, Pearsonified has started a small, casual social experiment, it's called "The Indie Virus." Here's how Pearsonified describes this experiment:

The experiment, henceforth referred to as "The Indie Virus," has two goals:*

1) To bring exposure to lesser known blogs (especially those outside of Technorati's top 100);
2) To explore the metrics behind a viral linking campaign launched by the 'little guys' (less popular blogs).

So without further ado, I happily wish to infect:

Heather at Fumbling For Words. Heather is an amazing writer, I am always glad to see her up on my Bloglines.

Bobita at This Sister's Journey. Bobita is a recent addition to my blogroll. In the relatively short amount of time I have been reading her blog, she has made me think so much my head almost hurts! But in a good way!

And finally, Liz over at And Then There Were Goats. And the title is very literal. I can almost always count on Liz for a good laugh.


Paige said...

I took the plung, Gina. They all now think you have a virus of some kind. Thanks for hooking me up!

Did I use that phase right? lol

Heather said...

Gee thanks Gina! I'll be sure to check the other blogs you mention, and pass along the virus soon :-)

Liz said...

Now I see! I was wondering why I felt so whoozy...

wordgirl said...

Did someone mention goats?

Liz said...

Oh yeah, we got goats aplenty. Well...only two, but that's plenty.