Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

So as I was sitting here, filling the plastic eggs for our home egg hunt tomorrow, I got a little carried away with the candy. I have no problems giving Mr. Personality candy for major holidays, he never gets it any other time. Unfortunately, it was turning into the "Three Whopper Robin's Eggs for the egg, two for me" variety, and it needed to stop. And here I am! The sugar coma only lasted a minute or two, it was nothing compared to the day after Halloween.

I thought all the build-up toward Easter was going to go down the tubes. Mr. Personality woke up with a drippy nose on Friday. I mentally flogged myself for allowing him to play in the water outside after visiting the Easter Bunny for pictures. That must have been it! Even though it was literally 84 degrees outside, my parental neglect was astounding. NEVER get them wet days before a major holiday. Mental note made and filed.

All otherwise planned activities ground to a halt on Friday due to the over-moist nasal passages, except for the dyeing of Easter eggs. While at Target, perusing the shelves of an astonishingly wide array of dyeing kits, I got a bit overwhelmed and chose what looked to be the simplest one. Or maybe it was just the cheapest, I was a bit overloaded. I find myself thinking I was deprived as a child, because we sure didn't have "marbled" eggs, or "sparkly" or "ten thousand sticker" eggs. Even so, our kit contained at least fifty stickers.

Now can I tell you that due to no fault of our own, we made some of the ugliest, most boring Easter eggs seen by human eyes? The kit, purporting to contain pink, blue and yellow dyes in order to mix a minimum of 6 colors, did not. It contained yellow, green, and orange. Let me tell you, none of those particularly look good blended together. I tried. Bastards. I am seriously thinking of writing the company and asking for my money back. Even the stickers couldn't save them, and the wax crayon worked for naught.

Now before you roll your eyes, you already have, haven't you? Well, roll them back. Ok, thanks. As I was saying, I take my job of creating flawless holiday memories very seriously.

And to me, warm holiday memories do not revolve around monstrosities such as the egg where I tried to mix the green and the orange dyes, just to see what it would look like. I would put up a picture, but I like you, my friends, and I would never cause you such pain.

Aside from that, by the end of tomorrow, Mr. Personality will have attended no less than three egg hunts. At the one held this afternoon, he found the "golden egg" out of 200. Now that's my boy. I think that experience just might make up for the hideous egg colors.

But I still want my money back.


Granny said...

Next year, stick with PAAS. The colors aren't as bright as the pictures show but they have purple, blue, red, yellow, and green. That should make anything you need.

Green and orange make muddy brown as do green and red. The colors opposite each other on the color wheel will not mix.

We did ours this afternoon and a fine messy time was had by all. I'll try to get a couple of pictures up - still having camera problems.

Mega Mom said...

Unfortunately last night I did the old 2 for you, 6 for me thing. I even yelled at my hubby for putting the good jellybeans into the eggs. "Those are MINE, use the stinky ones for the boys, they don't know any better".

I'm still paying for all that sugar!

Juliabohemian said...

Melodee sent me. I live in Anaheim Hills and thought we might know each other...

J said...

You're doing better than I am...I don't think we've ever gotten around to coloring real eggs. Maybe once. Usually, just the plastic ones with candy inside. Amazingly, my daughter seems to be OK. She twitches a little, but mostly she's fine. ;)

oshee said...

I bought the exact same kit and felt very good for having spent so little on it. But then when we went to color the eggs they came out, orange, green and yellow..and the yellow was hardly there at all. So I broke down pulled out the real food colors and made my own. Shame on them for making me be creative. lol.
It was the worst egg coloring kit I've ever seen. I will not buy a Dudley brand one again. (course the purple i tried to make out of the food colors turned out brown. the kids loved making brown eggs too. how horrid!)