Thursday, April 13, 2006

Better Than A Mood Ring

So this is something that we have on the side of our fridge. I say the side because we have a stainless steel model and only the sides are magnetic.

(Click to enlarge)

It was something I stole received from my former place of employment. It was supposed to be given to participants of a mental health study, but a lot of us liked it so much that we just went ahead and took one for ourselves.

Hubba-hubba and I occasionally use this for communication purposes. His job requires him to often work late into the night, and either he or I will position the handy little indicator to the appropriate mood to help our spouse gauge what the morning might be like.

They have a pretty good range there, but there are definitely some moods that are missing.

"Amorous" would definitely be one.

And for today, "That Mr. Personality is lucky he is so cute, otherwise, he would have been placed on the corner with a sign hanging from his neck that said 'FREE TO GOOD HOME'."


Mega Mom said...

I WANT one!

I've tried to give mine away, but so far no takers.

Liz said...

We have one of those too! I am always looking for the one that says "annoyed" since that's how I usually feel.

WordsRock said...

Nobody puts Mr. Personality on the corner. Put him on a plane instead. I've got dibs!


Hope said...

Love the p[oster. Would serve as fair warning to my family

Bobita said...

Laughing. Too. Hard. Can't. Type.

Very funny! If that wonderful mood chart had such an option...can you image how many moms would have the shiny red magnetic square perched over the corresponding face?