Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tempest In A Teapot

So if you look on the sidebar there, you will see a leaderboard, currently led by Liz with a thousand points.

You got a problem with that?

I have decided that every Thursday, I will ask some sort of question, and the first person to answer it correctly will get a thousand points. It could be anything, from world events to music to minutiae. That's the fun, you'll never know what's next.

Anyhoo, Googling is perfectly fine, and I almost gave her a couple more points for being honest and admitting that she did so. Some of these questions I'm going to ask will most likely require Googling unless you are some kind of super genius. And if that is so, then you should be off finding a cure for cancer, not reading my blog.

And, at some point, to be determined at a later date, I might just send the person with the most points something cute. And cheap.


Liz said...

What a fun idea, Gina!

(I feel my competetive juices flowing!)

Awesome Mom said...

Are you gonna post at random times to keep it fair for people that are not at the computer all day? I can't wait to try and get a few points.

Mel said...