Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Still Don't Know Exactly What to Do With That Pool

So the update on our old-fashioned family meeting is that my grandparents will move into the house next to my parents.

Which I think is probably best for all involved.

My mom called me that night and wondered if we were ok with them moving in there, as she had recently asked me about us wanting it. I told her that I thought them having it was best, as they are feeling lonely. And what better way not to feel lonely than to move next door to your son? Also, they have offered to arrange and pay for all of the renovations, which has always been a source of confusion for everyone in previous scenarios. They are going to do it up good, too, with granite countertops and such. If we had done it, they would have been lucky to get ceramic tile!

Now, the plan just needs to be put into action. My dad needs to call an estate auctioning company that was recommended to him so that they can assist in clearing out all of the millions of tchotchkes that are in that house. We know for a fact that some of the things that we consider ugly and would have happily sold at a garage sale for two bucks just to get rid of them are actually worth hundreds apiece.

I have committed to helping in any way possible, from dealing with the contractors to helping my grandparents pack, although all the work will not be done for at least six months. The way remodels go, we will probably be quite lucky with six months.

Probably better make it ten.


oshee said...

Good Luck! But, mostly I think it is wonderful that you get to do the scaling down of stuff with them helping you. It is a lot tougher to make decisions like those after they are gone.

Anvilcloud said...

tchotchkes ...

A new word for me, but I see that it has a meaning.

Suzanne said...

I'm glad that the outcome seems to be win-win for everyone. Although best of luck to you with the remodeling and the tchotchke removal!

Deb said...

Good luck with the renovation, etc. It seems that the initial part of this process went relatively smoothly. Here’s hoping the rest of it does.

Paige said...

I'm glad it has gotten worked out. Good luck

Hope said...

I have many (hard learned) ways to deal with contractors. Should you need any help give me a shout.
Good luck

WordsRock said...

Sounds like a good solution.

We're doing the "clean out the tchotchkes" and such at my mom's house right now. It's an interesting mix of items that are actually worth something versus garage sale stuff.

I can't imagine trying to sort through a stranger's accumulation of possessions. Using an estate company will certainly make that project easier.