Friday, March 24, 2006


So I listen to a classical music station as I fall asleep. I am considering writing to my Congressman that a law be passed that no music be played after 11pm that contains martial themes, atonal modernism, long loud horn sections, and of course, drums.

My stat counter is showing over 13,000 hits to this blog. Hubba-hubba is overjoyed! I'm considering lowering his time spent refreshing this page over and over again to only twenty minutes a day.

The other day, Mr. Personality was making up different lyrics to the "Bob the Builder" theme song, in which he basically inserted an antonym or opposite description for every line. "Can he fix it?" was answered with, "No he can't!" Instead of "Time to get busy, such a lot to do" it was "He's really tired and wants to lay down." Ahhh, wordplay is such fun.

My sister was at a snooty store recently, and wanted to be put on the mailing list. As the salesgirl was typing my sister's address in the computer, she asked, "And your apartment number..?" Implying of course, that my sister was not the type to have the money to shop at this establishment. Little did she know that my sister could probably buy her sorry butt twenty times over.

I am thinking that I am only going to use Google for internet searches, since they were the only ones with the balls to stand up to the feds. And look, they won! All the other search engines just put their tails in between their legs and gave up the goods without as much as a whimper.

It wasn't until the time I recently spent with my 17 year old cousin did I realize the extent of cellphone texting. She would be sitting on the chair, and I assumed she was in some sort of contemplative state. But in fact, she was texting her boyfriend. Same thing at the mall, one second she was active and engaged, the next standing like a statue in the middle of racks. Texting. I looked around and suddenly my eyes opened up to the billions of teens texting every second of the day. Be afraid.


Granny said...

I know what you mean. I fall asleep with Classic Arts playing something gentle and wake up to the 1812.

I've begun choosing my own playlists on Rhapsody or Music Match. Usually baroque that late at night so no surprises.

I hate text messaging - don't even have it on my phone. If I want to type, I'll use the computer and email.

Mel said...

Soon all their thumbs will fall off and that will be that.

Anvilcloud said...

All in lower case with no punctuation, I suppose?

Awesome Mom said...

I am with granny, I hate texting. First off it is freaking expensive. It takes so long because I can't type well with a number pad. I kid you not, I had my phone over a year before I figured out where the space key was. When my younger sister insisted on texting me all she would get was a huge string of letters for her to decode.

Liz said...

That's funny Melissa!

I have 2 teenagers and I text with them all the time. The good part about it is that I can, for example, send my oldest a text message at work, knowing that she won't answer me until she is on her break.

WordsRock said...

It's not just teenagers. I finally figured out, after leaving tons of voice mails or sending "urgent" emails, the best way to get a prompt response from my son is to send him a text message.

Text messaging can be a parents best friend. Works every time. Of course, preparing them to send takes me a lot longer because I do insist on using proper spelling and punctuation. Some things are worth that extra effort.


Hope said...

as I just boasted about MSN instant messaging I fear that texting is a long way in my future. My eyes are faililing as I type so little Hope for me.

Heather said...

I'm SO in the dark ages. We don't even have a cell phone.

Piece of Work said...

What is this 'text messaging'?

And I am shocked at your classical music station, I would have picked you more for the indie channel!

J said...

I don't have a cell, either, so I'm out of the loop. But it seems rude and weird to me. And my friend does it, who's 41, so it isn't just the youngins'