Monday, March 06, 2006

Old Faithful

So sometimes I feel sorry for Hubba-hubba.

What must it be like to live with someone such as myself?

Someone, that is, who is always right?

It must take some serious self-esteem building to survive as long as he has. I don't know how he does it. Perhpas he does a Stuart Smalley number on himself when I am not looking, but I have to give him credit. He has a degree and all, but what is a simple piece of paper compared to a woman who is right at least ninety percent of the time? And really, I am being hard on myself with that figure.

Pefectly predicting his mother's behavior? Check.
Knowing that white car is going to cut us off? Yup.
The correct definition, spelling, and pronunciation of a word? Uh-huh.
That the 2-for-1 sale is over and don't bother asking the clerk? Correctamundo.
The proper way to make oatmeal so Mr. Personality will eat it? Ayup.
The exact location of the Philips screwdriver at all times? Of course.
When and where traffic will hit? Yessiree.
That it is going to get cold and he shouldn't wear shorts? Why even ask?

My friends, these are only a few examples of the numerous ways in which I am never wrong.

But perhaps there are some perks cohabiting with such a perfect specimen of correctness. He probably just kind of sits back and lets me do all the work, with the knowledge that I will be around to save the day. It would be too much effort for him to actually know which direction we are driving. Why put the brain cells to so much work when Gina is around?



WordsRock said...

Ayup, he sounds pretty spoiled. Smart man.


Awesome Mom said...

lol that sounds like me and my husband. Although we have not been married long enough for him to realize that I am always right. He still insists on asking questions that I have already given him the answer to and suprise their answer is the same as mine.

Mel said...

You, my friend, have made the mistake of becoming indispensable. Uh-oh!

chichimama said...

LOL. I WISH I was always right...but alas, I am generally wrong.

At least he down't insist he knows where he is going and refuses to ask for directions...

Suzanne said...

I think I am married to you, Gina. Or the male version of Gina, at least.

Heather said...

Can you come to my house and tell me where MY Philips screwdriver is?

I gave up on telling my husband not to wear shorts YEARS ago!

J said...

Very funny. :) I wonder if my husband knows how right I am? Every once in awhile, however, throw in a mistake. Keep 'em guessing, I say.

Paige said...

Of course you are right...YOU ARE THE WIFE!
thats what I always say I am the wife, therefore that make me right at all times about all things. It is my world and I am the Queen! I have a crown to prove it- bucko

Liz said...

My husband will be happy to know he's not the only guy married to the queen of all things!

Juliane said...

I can convey such conviction in my voice so it sounds like I'm right. But, alas, as happens in every marriage that lasts, it is now a matter of court record that I am wrong 90% of the time in what I say. However, don't think for a minute that that has kept me from continuing to state with a clear and loud voice that those dishes left in the sink are not mine from last Tuesday....oh wait..

Karla said...

My goodness, I am always right too!

I mean, only I know where the car keys were left, the perfect amount of time to cook his chicken, whether he should wear a winter or spring jacket, and of course, what style of clothes look best on him. ;-)