Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Not-So-Fine Mess

So my friends, I actually have a headache. I am actually stressing myself out about pretend points. I don't want to make anyone mad, and by doing so, you usually make everyone mad.

So, Liz and Suzanne, please forgive me for taking your points away.

All blame and fault is on my head, which is now hanging down to my clavicle for being so uncharacteistically sloppy with the actual answer. Amy had indeed answered correctly on the first round.

Really, I am going to blame post-vacation malaise.

I do really want to do this little question thing, if you all are willing to play along. I am at heart a trivia geek.

So, seriously, every question from now on will have a very clear cut answer.

And more importantly, I will actually know what it is before I put it up.


WordsRock said...

Eh, Gina, you don't deserve such a headache. Relax, and try to enjoy this new "fun" you've started. It's all good, my dear.

Now I'm gonna go sob in my coffee over losing my virtual points. ;)


Mega Mom said...

Ooh, this is all so fun. I'm a competition freak (but in a nice way, I swear).

I look forward to playing!

Chaotic Mom said...

Points? What points? I just found you through Mega Mom. Must read more... ;)

Awesome Mom said...

Relax lol this is supposed to be a fun contest not a big old production although it is wise to know the answer to trivia questions before you start quizzing other people.

Mel said...

But the points don't matter anyway, so relax! :)

Elizabeth said...

No...don't relax...stress out

Piece of Work said...

I won! I won!!