Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action, Playdate!

So yesterday, we spent a lovely morning with Amy and her beautiful children, Isaac and Vivian. Now this was our second meet-up, so it was nice not to have the jitters of meeting a new person while I was getting ready. I already knew that Amy doesn't consider me a freak, because I am assuming if that was so, a second meeting would probably not have been forthcoming.

This time it was so much more fun because we met at a park, and the kids were able to play independently for long stretches of time while we chatted. Last time we met at a mall, and it just seemed like there wasn't quite enough to keep the children occupied. We were able to get in about two sentences at a time before we had to deal with Mr. Personality not eating his chicken or other such distractions.

Amy is still the lovely, kind person I remember. Isaac is still his cutie self, and Vivian remains adorable.

The kids all got along wonderfully, and I think there was only one semi-disagreement the entire time. And I'm sure it was Mr. Personality who was the cause, as he is having a difficult time sharing things lately. I also noticed, with some bemusement, that his decibel level apparently cannot be controlled when he is having too much fun. He is actually lucky that Isaac and Vivian didn't take offense to him yelling practically every sentence in their ears.

Mr. Personality also needs to be reminded that other children are not his personal lackeys to obey his every command. Not that he is aggressive, he just wants them to go over there, now! Because they will have such a good time! So why on earth would they not want to go over there? And thus will commence grabbing a hand, pulling them toward his objective. Whether or not the other party is willing, it seems.

But I think the memory that brings the biggest smile to my face is Mr. Personality grabbing both of Vivian's hands, and singing almost verbatim the "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!" song while dancing with her in a circle. The first go around, Vivian thought it was great. The second time he insisted on doing it however, sister had had enough. Can't say as I blame her, either. One can only take so many renditions of that particular song.

The day ended with Mr. Personality's second-favorite thing to do in the world, which was eat inside McDonald's.

It was so wonderful to see Amy and the kids again. As she said on her blog, it is amazing that I would never have met her if not for blogging.

Who knows, maybe I will meet up with even more of you someday!


Chaotic Mom said...

My seven year old is a bit like Mr. Personality, commanding the arena. One teacher of his put a positive spin on it, said that properly steered, he may make an excellent leader someday. Neat!

I have a couple of good blog freinds, too. Only one that I know is local. We get together once a week, take turns sposoring the get-together, and do something creative with our kids. Pretty cool!

Just found you through CHBM ring...

theyellowwallpaper said...

Rock on...It's a rare gift when a playdate works for both parents and kids. I have friends whom I love, but man our kids can get on each other's nerves and other playdates where my little one loves her friend, but I'm left having boring conversation with another parent. Glad you had a good time and too bad you live so far away.

blueyedtracy said...

Hi Gina,

Ok, I've been horrible about following up on this, but we really should try and get together! Mr. Personality and my little guy are only a few months apart, so it could be really fun. (But, who knows really?) I was cracking up because one of my little guy's favorite things to do is go to McDonalds and eat INSIDE as well!! (Somehow the eating inside part is the huge thrill.) Maybe a McDonalds playdate??
Take care

Deb said...

Gina, thanks for some good chuckles! I'm recovering from a nasty stomach bug thing (thank goodness this happened AFTER my lsst chemo). Laughter really is the best medicine.

Heather said...

Are you coming to Canada any time soon? :-)

Piece of Work said...

We had an awesome time too!