Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Greivous Error Has Been Made

So, my wholehearted apologies to Liz, but it was not the group En Vogue who sang the song "Back to Life." Thanks so much to MegaMom for pointing that overlooked but quite important fact out.

Can I blame it on the fatigue I felt post-vacation?

And by the way, no one has gotten it yet, although MegaMom was very close.

Not a very auspicious beginning, eh? I will be sure in the future that this doesn't happen again.

Game on!


WordsRock said...

"Back to Life" was done by Soul Ii Soul.
Or so google tells me.... lol


WordsRock said...

Of course what I meant to type was Soul II Soul. ;)


Liz said...

Oh! Haha! I thought you were asking for the song, "Back to Life, Back to Reality", which is an En Vogue song.


That's OK. I'll get those points back again!