Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crazy Concert Carnivale

So I just have to start off with the fact that if you Google "Gina is hot" I am #2! No, I did not Google this myself, someone else did it and found my blog that way. But still, not bad for a thirty five year old, eh? Some stupid Survivor contestant named Gina is apparently hot as well, so because she was on tv, she gets to be first. Whatever, beeyotch.

Some of the concerts I have been to in the past have been rolling around in my head lately, and I thought I would compile some of them into one post. Thus the title. I am fully aware the title is not all that great, but it contains alliteration, so I am inordinately proud of myself.

How many concerts I have attended: Probably over 50, if we are counting all types of strictly musical concerts. And since I am making this up as I go along, we are, as a matter of fact.

The concert I am most embarassed to admit I attended: Toss up between Paula Abdul and Sinead O' Connor. Neither of them was my idea. I swear.

The most embarassing thing that has ever happened to me at a concert: Well, Hubba-hubba and I, who were dating back then, had a couple of alcoholic refreshments before the show. I thought I was perfectly fine until I missed a step going down to my seat and fell on my ass. Actually, for a fall, it was rather graceful and I sort of landed on my feet. I think. Hey, it was a long time ago. And he still married me, didn't he? So it couldn't have been all that bad.

Band I have seen the most times in concert: By far, Oingo Boingo, ringing in with eight. I am sad because I will apparently never see them live again, either. Hubba-hubba heard an interview with the lead singer, Danny Elfman, and he said that he couldn't perform live because of some kind of cognitive dissonance problem he was having between the music and the crowd. Don't ask, Hubba-hubba probably got the details wrong, but overall, it doesn't sound promising.

Most entertaining thing I have ever seen at a concert (other than the band): It was at the Coach House, a teeny tiny little club in San Juan Capistrano that in our former lives, we went to many times. A singer/songwriter named Stan Rigeway was playing, and that particular song was very descriptive in its lyrics. This drunk guy about two tables over decided that he was going to act out the entire tableau represented in the song. So he stood up and pretended he was a soldier marching in the jungle, shooting his gun, etc. We almost fell over laughing, it was a good thing we were already sitting down.

First concert I ever attended: Sting, Nothing Like the Sun Tour. It was also my first official date with my soon-to-be first boyfriend, and although the concert was excellent, the detail that lingers is the overpowering smell of marijuana. I was a good Catholic schoolgirl, and had literally never smelled it before. I am pretty sure I got a little high off the fumes.

Farthest I have ever traveled for a concert: Las Vegas, which is about a four hour drive from here. It was to see Oingo Boingo and X at the "old" Aladdin Hotel on the Strip. It was a girl's road trip with my best friend at the time, and we had a blast.

Most disappointing concert: Would have to be the famous movie score composer John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl. He has done the score to Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, and like a billion other movies. The Bowl heavily advertised it and we thought it would be fun, since they would simultaneously show parts of the movies along with the music. The music was intensely boring, and I like classical music, so that wasn't the problem. I don't know why this man has won so many Oscars.

Worst thing that ever happened to me at a concert: It was Depeche Mode at Dodger Stadium. I was going with a large group, of whom I only knew two. Somehow, one of the tickets was not with the rest of the group, and I was volunteered by my "friends" to be the one to take it. They promised to come and find me. Well, that didn't happen, mostly due to the heavy security, but possibly they didn't care all that much, either. I'll never really know. People were drunk, stoned, and screaming constantly, and I was very uncomfortable being by myself. So there I was, alone and sobbing because I am a drama queen, calling my Dad from a phone booth in the stadium to come pick me up. Cut to me walking around the huge parking lot, trying to find my Dad's car, and these guys drive by and shout at me, "You've got great hooters, baby!" Perhaps at any other time in my life, I would have appreciated the sentiment, but I flipped them off and proceeded to sob even harder. Finally my Dad found me and took me home. It is a day that will forever live in infamy.

Best.Concert.Ever.: Oh, I can't possibly pigeonhole just one. Aaaaargh, if you're going to force me I would have to say U2 Joshua Tree Tour. Fine, are you happy now?


Anvilcloud said...

You are, indeed, quite the concert queen. I have lived a much more sheltered life.

Liz said...

What a great insight into your musical tastes! I have to admit that I have no idea who Oingo Boingo is (and I am only 8.5 years older than you, go figure!).

My first concert was America. It was around 1976 and my ticket was a mere $4.

Can you believe my kids don't go to concerts at $40+ a ticket? They don't want to ask me for money and hear the old, "when I was your age, concerts cost $4 and we had to walk there, uphill, both ways...with no shoes!"

WordsRock said...

The concert I am most embarassed to admit I attended: Culture Club.

I win?


Krisco said...

I lived in LA for awhile, and I miss all those Socal references...

And I love Oingo Boingo, and that Turn Around song, (actual name escapes me, you must know it) is about the most accurate song about life I think there is.

Glad Mel sent me your way. : )

Krisco said...

Oh, and - none of you win.

My first concert was Shawn Cassidy.

I win.

Elizabeth said...

Oh but I went to see Perry Como and I've also seen Vicki Carr. The things one does for one's mother.

Yes, the prices...I saw the Rolling Stones in 1978 for $10.

The concert experience was so much different back then too. You had to go stand in line at the local ticket place to get tickets.

I got in line for Fleetwood Mac at 5am and for Bruce Springsteen at 3am. In the 80s they started giving out wrist bands and you could actully order tickets over the phone. I got 6th row floor tickets for Frank Sinatra in '86 just by calling, now that was sweet.

And...I saw U2 at Cardis (very small club, long gone now) here in Houston in 81. 100 people in the place. Who knew they'd get so huge? I saw them again in '85. Lots more people that time. I also saw INXS at Cardis in 84. Cardis was the shit.

Deb said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading. Happy belated birthday, Gina. Ah, to be 35 again . . . (I turned 40 last October).

The concert I am most embarassed to admit I attended: I saw the Osmonds but I was only 12. I've seen the Christian heavy metal band Stryper not once, but three times . . . as an adult. So that's probably it.

J said...

I've been negligent in reading your blog, Gina, and I've missed a lot. I'd better add you to my blogroll, so I'll remember. :)

My first concert ever was Simon and Garfunkel. Cool, huh? It was in '82, probably. Best concert? Probably 'day on the green', 1983. The lineup? The Police, the Fixx, Madness, Oingo Boingo, and the Thompson Twins. It was GREAT. I saw X open for David Bowie (who was my 1st husband until I noticed he's almost as old as my parents...). Um...saw the Cure with some stupid girls screaming behind us at the top of their high pitched lungs, making fun of us for asking them to quiet down. I hope they got crabs that night somehow. :)

Worst concert was probably the Sugarcubes, or maybe New Order. Loved them both on CD, but in person? Blech.

Thanks for a trip down memory lane!