Thursday, March 30, 2006

Birds of a Feather?

So there is a company called Claritas that has this nifty feature on their website. According to this business, "you are where you live!" All you have to do is go here, type in your zip code, and Claritas will tell you all about yourself based on your place of residence. I have written before about how out of place I feel in my town. People are very wealthy here, yet we are not.

Hmmmm, let's see what they have to say about my zip code and how accurate they are.

Upper Crust
The nation's most exclusive address, Upper Crust is the wealthiest lifestyle in America -a haven for empty-nesting couples over 55 years old. No segment has a higher concentration of residents earning over $200,000 a year or possessing a postgraduate degree. And none has a more opulent standard of living.

2005 Statistics:
US Households: 1,690,937 (1.52%)
Median HH Income: $106,364

Ummmm, not even close.

Lifestyle Traits
Spend $3,000+ foreign travel- In my dreams!
Contribute to PBS-I've been meaning to write that check...
Read Architectural Digest- I've seen it at the store once or twice
Watch Wall Street Week- Ugh, talking head shows... the worst!
Drive a Lexus ES300-I do drive an import, but not a Lexus

Blue Blood Estates
Is a family portrait of suburban wealth, a place of million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, high-end cars and exclusive private clubs. The nation's second-wealthiest lifestyle, it is characterized by married couples with children, college degrees, a significant percentage of Asian Americans and six-figure incomes earned by business executives, managers and professionals.

2005 Statistics:
US Households: 1,059,462 (0.95%)
Median HH Income: $113,903

Yes, I apparently live in the "ghetto" neighborhood of my zip. Private clubs? High end cars? Bwaaahaaahaaa....

Lifestyle Traits
Took a golf vacation- We own a really old set of golf clubs, does that count?
Eat at fast food picked by kids- Now that is something we have in common
Read Fortune- As in "telling"? No? Ok, I'm clueless
Watch Major league soccer- Whaaa?
Drive a Acura SUV-They are purty, but no

Executive Suites
Executive Suites consists of upper-middle-class singles and couples typically living just beyond the nation's beltways. Filled with significant numbers of Asian Americans and college graduates -both groups are represented at more than twice the national averag- this segment is a haven for white-collar professionals drawn to comfortable homes and apartments within a manageable commute to downtown jobs, restaurants and entertainment.

2005 Statistics:
US Households: 1,208,293 (1.09%)
Median HH Income: $71,196

We probably most closely match this profile, but not really.

Lifestyle Traits
Exercise at health clubs- Does having a membership count?
Research Internet real estate- Allright, I have done that
Read GQ- Ah, no
Watch Will & Grace- You're kidding, right? Does anybody watch that show anymore?
Drive a BMW 3 Series-I can't even afford a Mini

Movers & Shakers
Is home to America's up-and-coming business class: a wealthy suburban world of dual-income couples who are highly educated, typically between the ages of 35 and 54 and often with children. Given its high percentage of executives and white-collar professionals, there's a decided business bent to this segment: Movers & Shakers rank number-one for owning a small business and having a home office.

US Households: 1,806,132 (1.63%)
Median HH Income: $98,031

Dual income is a thing of the past for us

Lifestyle Traits
Go scuba diving/snorkeling- We've only got a community swimming pool
Plan travel on the Internet- In the old days, yes
Read PC Magazine- Perhaps to put me to sleep
Listen to adult contemp. radio- They got that right, at least
Drive a Porsche-Hubba-hubba owned a poster of one in his teens

As you can see, any marketer who thinks they've got this stuff down pat has another thing coming. For us it would be:

Lifestyle Traits
What's a real vacation?
Thinks that eating somewhere that charges more than eight bucks a person is a splurge
Reads Time and Newsweek- borrowed copies from real subscriber, my sister
Watch Lost and Grey's Anatomy
Drive old Hondas

So what would that make us?



Elizabeth said...

Hmmmm...I wonder how much money your IP number (and your name and address depending on if you're listed in WHOIS) coupled with your zip code goes for?

Hope you have a good spy sweeper.

Gina said...

I truly love Elizabeth, she is always watching out for me!

I say that with no sarcasm at all.


I am so naive, I never even thought about it.

Paige said...

This was somewhat close for me. My certainly did not come up as "upper cust"
A bit more "soggy crust" Have a great day you go getter!

Heather said...

Scratching my head and wondering, what ARE you doing in that neighbourhood? You should move in next to me - you'd fit right in here!

Mega Mom said...

Your lifestyle traits sound oddly close to mine. I shouldn't have pre-judged you from your address :))))))

theyellowwallpaper said...

Holy smokes, that is one ritzy neighborhood you're livin' in...As for me:

Social Group: Middleburbs
Lifestage Group: Cautious Couples

It is funny how incompatible we are to our neighborhood. We don't bowl, drive a Mercury Grand Marquis or watch NBC Sun Today show.

Hope said...

I want to do this, but I have a postal code and not a zip code. I am goin searching for the Canadian version.
PS an imposter is better than a wanna be

Bobita said...

Soooooo funny!

I'm going to the site right now...let's see what I'm "supposed" to be based on my zip code!!

Excellent post!

oshee said...

They don't seem to have me in my zip code. Rather sad. lol
I think I fit into your Life Style better than anything they provided.
We are regular viewers of Lost and Greys Anatomy.
The only reason we have a subscription to Reader's Digest is that it was a gift from my in-laws. lol

Trabinski said...

At first I thought I must have mistakenly been reading my sister's blog. She lives in the OC as well. I swear it was her writing this. How fun though, I must send her to your blog!

Hey Hope, did you find one for those of us speaking Canadian?