Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back to Life, Back to Reality*

So we are back. We left at 9:30am our time and arrived home at 4:20pm. Not too shabby for stopping three times for Mr. Personality to go pee, and once for lunch.

We had what I will call an interesting time, the fact that my aunt has two large uncontrollable 70 pound dogs made me choose that particular descriptive term.

Can I say that I was constantly running interference with those dogs, from trying to prevent them from knocking Mr. Personality down to making sure they didn't steal his dinner out from his very hands? While at the dinner table, which should be a fairly safe place. Except it wasn't.

And I discovered I really don't like dog hair. Especially the combined dog hair of four dogs.

Combine that with the fact that the air mattress I was sleeping on was making my back complain progressively louder with each passing night, and you have the makings of a three day trip rather than a four day trip.

But, it was nice to see my family, we love them dearly.

Despite the dogs.

*A thousand points for the person who can name the group who sang this song


Awesome Mom said...

It is always wierd to go from a non pet house to a pet house. I forget how much hair is shed by an animal. I always come back coated when I go to my parent's house. My parents are finally going to get a real bed for the guest room so next time we visit I will be in heaven. I hate air matresses with a passion.

Liz said...

I admit I googled it, but my guess is En Vogue.

It's funny too that there are lots of blogs with entries with that same title.

Welcome home.

chichimama said...

Welcome back!

Heather said...

Welcome home to your dog-free environment! :-)

Karla said...

FOUR DOGS? oh my god, and I thought one was enough.
Welcome back!

J said...

I keep thinking the picture of you on your blog is you NOW, so then I can't figure out how you're old enough to do the things you do, like have a kid and drive and stuff. One of these days my master's degree will catch up with me, and I'll figure out that you're an adult. :) HA!

Too bad their dogs aren't as well behaved as mine. Whenever we sit to eat, she goes in the other room. Good girl. But still, the house is covered with hair. Sigh.

Gina said...

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

Congratulations, Liz, you now have a thousand points.

Except it's kind of like "Whose Line Is It Anyway" where the points don't really count for anything.

Elizabeth said...

She Googled! She Googled! This is an outrage. You can't give her those points! I knew it without Googling. Oh the injustice. My faith in what is fair and good has crumbled into a heap of yesterday's tears and tomorrow's oatmeal. ....and I'm spent.

You shall be hearing soon from my lawyer, U. R. Gonnapayupnow. Be afraid. He can make Donald Rumsfeld cry like a little girl.

Oh and...glad you had a lovely time and that you're back so I can sue you.

WordsRock said...

Welcome back!

I concur with eb. Googling negates the victory, despite the points being meaningless!

A dog of any weight that has not been taught the rules of polite living is nightmarish, especially the stealing food from humans part. Knocking toddlers over kinda goes with the territory if you are a 70 pound dog though. Poor Mr. Personality.

As to the hair... well... I hate it too, but I love my dogs enough to endure it. :)


Piece of Work said...

Ooh, I hate dogs. Especially large, uncontrollable ones. Glad you are back safely! Hope your back feels better in your own bed.

Oh, and I totally thought Soul 2 Soul, see how lame I am? But googling--no fair!

Liz said...

Hey! Y'all are just sorry you didn't goggle it first! I'm just going to take my points and go home. No sharing! Nyah, nyah na na nahhh!

Elizabeth said...

Wait! Did you see that?! She nyaa na naaaed me!!! What are you going to do about that, huh huh huh?

And...Suzanne agrees with me! She never agrees with me even though I'm ALWAYS right.

And what kind of name is Liz anyway...



Paige said...

In reguards to the music, I very much agree. I also think it sould be outlawed to use comercials on the radio that have sirens & horns honking.
In reguards to the text mess, Have you seen the language they use. I can't understand a single word of it. (sounds like my dad about my yaya music)