Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nothing to See Here

So lots of things have been going on.

Just not with me.

It seems that all my friends and family have things going on. Two just had a baby, three just got great new jobs, one of my dearest friends is moving away from me across the country, another's son has been making wonderful huge leaps in his autism therapy, two are getting married, one is doing a lot of traveling, two are almost finished with their advanced degrees, and even Hubba-hubba is about ready to sign up for his master's.

Me, I'm just sittin' here.

The most exciting thing in my life right now is that Mr. Personality is currently peeing in the potty pretty much all of the time during the day. He even peed at a restaurant, and given his fear of public restrooms, that was a mighty feat indeed. It seems that the key to the whole operation was the ability to stand up and do it versus sitting on the seat.

I am thrilled with this development, don't get me wrong.

However, it really has nothing to do with me, per se.

Well, perhaps it is technically a showcase for my poor parenting skills that my almost three and a half year old is just beginning to get the hang of "number one." But, enough about that.

I am so happy for all the people in my life that are experiencing these wonderful, life-altering changes.

Yet despite my best efforts, that whiny, bigger-than-I-would-like part of me wishes I had something to excitedly call someone about and breathlessly announce. Of course, not everybody I know has something happening, but it sure feels that way.

Um, I'm almost finished folding the laundry, does that count?

Oh, oh, I reorganized the entry way closet! How about that?

I didn't think so.



Liz said...

Oh, do I ever know how you feel! I seriously need something to look forward to. We are in a deep freeze here, and I don't even want to go outside!

Here's to things looking up for us...*clinks glasses*!

Suzanne said...

Yeah. It's hard to be in stasis when excitement surrounds everyone you know. Except when it's bad excitement. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

WordsRock said...

I think it is terribly exciting that Mr. Personality is now peeing in the toilet with regularity. It's a milestone in both of your lives! (Seriously, no sarcasm.)

Folding the laundry? HUGE accomplishment. You're peeling the monkey off your back. At least for this week. :)

It's all about perspective. Cherish the little things.


theyellowwallpaper said...

Yeah, I think we've felt that from time to time. It's certianly understandable.

Gina said...

Liz- Salud!

Suzanne-Yes, I left off a couple of people like my friend whose son was in the children's ICU for 4 days. That is a good example of bad excitement.

Suzanne-I just love the perspective you bring to me and this blog, it's certainly a lot better than mine!

Yellow-I was wondering if anyone else felt this way, or if it was just my own petty self! Which would not surprise me in the least, acually...

chichimama said...

Personally, I studiously avoid excitement...but also know what you mean. Doing the same thing EVERY DAY gets a bit mind numbing.