Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mother Nature Hated My Cabinets, Too

So thanks to a bunch of insects, my kitchen cupboards are now thoroughly cleaned and organized.

Living here in the hills as we do, we are prone to ant invasions. I'd say about once a year or so, they make a serious go at establishing a route through our house. Usually, we spray a bit outside and at the entry points that we can find, but this time the little buggers were extremely persistent. Try two weeks of persistence.

I know that on a scale of creepiness, ants are not very high. But, I do get the willies when I see them swarming on my stored cereal boxes and Goldfish cartons in my pantry.

Hubba-hubba once asked, "Do you think ants carry any diseases or anything?"

And I replied, "Well, I'm not sure, but they are rather fond of dismantling dead animal carcasses and rotten food, so I am not exactly cool with them being in the house."

When we first moved in here, we had perhaps two days in which to move all of our stuff, and we had a lot of it. Because I was a silly newlywed, in November I figured I would have oodles of time in which to organize everything in its proper place.

Little did I know that less than four months later I would be pregnant and on bedrest. After the birth I was less than enthusiastic to deal with the chip and dip set being in the wrong cabinet. I reasoned that I had bigger fish to fry, like soothing a colicky baby and trying to keep the house reasonably clean. Although I never liked the way things were set up, it just never seemed like a good time to up and move everything around.

But, the ants invaded our pantry and our top cupboards, neccessitating the use of chemicals.

So, we relined the shelves, and are now, after a bit more than four years here, organizing our kitchen.

You see, that is exactly how lazy I am. It took an act of nature to get me to do it.


Awesome Mom said...

You are not alone in your hatred of ants. At the last apartment I lived in we have them very bad. They even got into the dishwasher. How the heck do you spray for them there? After all you will be eating off those dishes. We got the upper hand eventually but my hatred of ants if firmly entrenched.

WordsRock said...

You lazy? Ack. I hate to think what that makes me.

In the kitchen cabinet arena, I'm in a similar situation, minus the ants. Out here on the correct coast, ants go away in the winter. Yes. Winter. It is our friend.

Our ants also must be more polite because they don't just walk into the house without an explicit invitation. I don't issue such invitations. Ants are creepy.


theyellowwallpaper said...

Honestly, I'm more amazed at people who do organize their kitchen on a frequent basis.

I have one girlfriend who also regularly organizes her medicine cabinet as well, and yet another who just repainted her house because it had been eight years since the interior was painted. Am I missing something?

Liz said...

I'm sure I could have a more organized kitchen. I tried to give it some careful consideration while unpacking when we moved in 4 1/2 years ago. But I think you have to live somewhere for a while to see how things work.

Suzanne said...

I'd organize my kitchen if my children didn't take everything within reach out of the cabinets every day. I am a little embarrassed at the complete hodge podge that results when I shove everything back in the cabinets, but I tell myself that it's only temporary.

If I had the impetus of an ant invasion, though, I'd do the same thing as you!

Gina said...

Trust me, I'm lazy.

And, welcome Melissa!