Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hot (Grand)Mama?

So I am an incorrigible people-watcher.

I just love to watch people and see what they are wearing, how they act, how they treat those around them, and how they talk.

And lately I have been thinking that if one is a people-watcher, then one almost automatically becomes something of a people-judger. I can't help myself really, even though the judgement may just be a one second sort of thing.

We were standing in line for the tram back to the parking structure, and I noticed a woman with two children and a woman who I assumed was grandma.

I say assumed because this lady was really trying very hard not to look like a grandma.

She was in at least her 50's, closer to the 60's side. She had short red hair done in an almost punk, spiky haircut. She had lowrise jeans with a belt, paired with a sweater, which is what originally got my attention. It was a tight sweater that was sort of furry looking, but it most definitely not angora. No, it looked more like one of those polyester fluffy pillows that are rather popular right now. It was white with very short cap sleeves. Add to this picture a pair of platform sandal thingys.

She was actually dressed younger in clothing style than her daughter.

I thought to myself, at what point do older women just look ridiculous when they try to dress the same as women in their twenties?

I mean, I would think by a certain age a woman is comfortable enough with herself that she does not have to dress trendily. I do not mean that one should outfit themselves in purple and yellow mumuus or polyester pantsuits. Just that whatever is the hot seller at Forever 21 should probably be bought by someone no more than ten years past that age. Even if you fit in it.

Am I wrong here? Am I the only horrid person to think this way?

I am sure it is a tough line to walk. How youthful you feel on the inside is not necessarily how youthful you look on the outside, I realize that.

It is just that I felt the woman was trying too hard to be something she was not. Perhaps she was single and on the prowl, I can respect that. But while accompanying your daughter and grandchildren at Disneyland is not exactly the venue in which to flaunt your stuff.

However, this is coming from a woman who wears a uniform of cotton pants that look suspiciously like sweats (but are not! I swear!) and T-shirts, so who exactly am I to say what is fashionable?


Anvilcloud said...

Some people do have a time aging gracefully; they fight it. You are right to say that we all feel much younger on the inside though.

Deb said...

If an outfit looks contrived on someone -- as clearly this outfit did on this Grandma -- then I agree that it is too much.

Shopping Diva said...

Did Grandma have any tattoos? Was she showing off her thong cleavage? Those are my favorites!

theyellowwallpaper said...

I'd have to see a picture to appreciate the image. I tend to like short spiky do's and have seen many an older woman pull it off.

Having said that, while I think all of us look in the mirror at times and marvel at the person looking back at us, seeing those fine lines and greys creep into our hairline, some of us have a hard time accepting that we do indeed grow old.

Liz said...

I think it must be tough to be pushing 60 and feel young enough to freak out that you are a Gramma! Having said that, as a 40-something who occasionally gets carded, it's really hard to find every day clothes that don't scream "A teenager should wear this"! Or, "you'd look really awesome in this if you were 70".

How happy was I that my cut off jean shorts from Old Navy arrived today. And they have enough length so that my butt doesn't hang out. I've been searching for 3 years...and the Daisy Duke thing didn't help at all!