Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fumbling for Answers

So Heather, the published writer over at Fumbling for Words (oooh, it gives me a thrill to write that, I can only imagine how she feels) wants to know:

If you could only visit one place before you die, what would it be?

The first thing that came to mind was how much I want to visit Australia and New Zealand.

But then I wondered if, although lovely locations they may be, they were truly fulfilling enough for what would shape up to be my last "vacation."

For an experience that would be unforgettable, I would have to say that a trek to the peak of Mt. Everest would most likely be the ticket.

I've had my share of fancy restaurants and hotels, of rental cars and maps.

To look at the Earth from the highest accessible peak would surely be something I would carry with me always.

I wonder if I could just hire some Sherpas to carry me, though?

Even with a litter of some sort?

Fine, I'll just have to get in shape or something, geez.

What is the greatest quality you want Mr. Personality to remember about you?

This question is much harder than it seems.

A lot of rather glib answers come to mind. Like my sense of humor, or how loving a person I was.

But if I really want to impart a quality of mine that would serve him well throughout his life, it would have to be responsibility.

Responsibility is almost breathtaking in what it encompasses. There are so many areas in life that you need to be responsible in, from driving a car to having children. But not the "oh look at me I am so self-sacrificing" type, but the knowledge that things have to be done, and it takes a responsible person to do them.

I had some elements of responsiblity instilled in me at an early age, but it really took Hubba-hubba and some lessons learned the hard way to really establish it in my repetoire.

Except for the laundry folding issue. I still haven't quite got that one down completely.


Heather said...

Thanks for answering! Wow - the Everest trip sure is ambitious! I probably would have gone for something more lazy to enjoy my last days in peace and quiet :-)

And yes, it DOES feel good to use those words :-) But, as you can tell, I haven't been very inspired since then.

Heidi said...

Africa, totally Africa. I want to go all Jane Goodall so bad! I'm working on the responsibility part.

WordsRock said...

A sense of responsibility is a grand thing to share with your child.


you hippo said...

You, madam, are a fraud and a cheat. Your sense of responsibility lies only in your need to lie and steal. Yes, I've read through your posts. I know your sordid history.

To top it off, you lie in the post just below this one.

This is the responsibility you are teaching your child? I fear for the future.