Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We'll Call it "Tears, Running Rivulets"

So it has been raining for past few days, and today was the first nice sunny day we've had in a while.

Silly us, we thought it would do Mr. Personality some good to go to the zoo and run around with his fellow wild animals.

Suddenly, he has been hit by the most horrible of viruses, "Antisocial." There happens to be a playground at this particular zoo, and he would only play on it if no one else was there. He begged us to come on the equipment with him, but we said that there were too many children and he needed to play with them anyway rather than boring old us. Commence screaming fit to wake the sleeping iguana behind glass 100 yards away.

Finally, after much shushing and more screaming, we told him it was time to wash his hands and leave. Commence screaming and "I will become dead weight so that as you are holding my hand, I will simply arc down to the ground and make you look like bad, uncaring parents."

Then it was time to leave, and by this time, he was on a really good roll.

Hubba-hubba picked him up and carried him, sack of potato-like, out the gates.

"Awwwwwwww, poor thing," cooed two ladies behind us.

Note to people who do not have to carry your screeching children to the car, NEVER LET THEM THINK THEY HAVE AN AUDIENCE.

Thus, it turned into a piece of performance art, replete with flailing limbs, snot running out of the nose, and crimson face.

Then, once strapped into the car, had the audacity to ask me for fruit gummies.

You're cute, but not on your life, buddy.


heidi said...

Awww poor thing...I mean you Gina.

Kids, funny what manipulation masters they are at such a young age.

chichimama said...

I just LOVE the floppy body thing. And the commenting from stangers thing. Do you think we will all be commenting old ladies? I would assume so since I have yet to meet an old lady who could refrain from commenting on my parenting abilities...but I would like to think I would be able to keep my trap shut.

Suzanne said...

I think that I have a low-grade antisocial viral infection most of the time!

Shopping Diva said...

Isn't amazing how we bond to our kids so that we can overcome the urge to throw them in the river! The deadweight thing - one of my favorites! I remember one time carrying out my two-year-old under one arm and carrying the baby carrier with his sister in it on the other. All while he's screaming that he doesn't like me and I am mean. Good times.

Mel said...

Once, I had to carry a fit-thrower through an entire mall and when I put him into the car, he was FOAMING at the mouth, he was so worked up.

Lots of fun. Good days. Glad they're gone.

WordsRock said...

I'll bet those temper tantrum genes came exclusively from Hubba-hubba's side of the family.