Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Than Just a Ski Lesson, a Life Lesson if You Will

So over the weekend, we sat huddled by the fireplace, getting deluged by rain. The Rose Parade, for the first time in over fifty years, was rained upon. We native Southern Californians usually dislike the rain, and avoid doing too much when it happens to show its face, which isn't really all that often.

Today, you would have been perfectly comfortable wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Despite this bizarre weather courtesy of global warming, the weekend storms managed to drop some snow on the upper elevations.

We are planning on taking Mr. Personality to the snow very soon, as it is only about a two hour drive away. That is, if this week's high temps will not have melted it, which I am crossing my fingers that the hot weather won't last long enough to reduce the snow significantly.

Even though I have only been skiing twice, I am willing to brave the mountains once again.

You see, Hubba-hubba had kindly offered to teach me to ski. We vacationed often in Lake Tahoe in our former lives, and for no particular reason, I had never learned how to ski.

The main lesson in life that I have learned so far is to never let your significant other teach you how to ski. You can thank me for learning the lesson for you and passing it on later.

He learned how to ski when his brother-in-law took had him rent some skis, took him up on a lift, and basically told him to figure out how to get down.

This inauspicious beginning to his skiing career should have prompted warning sirens in my head, but I am an optimist.

Hubba-hubba's first commmand was to make me walk up the bunny slope head on with my skis. I kept slipping, I kept complaining (see picture, up to the right, and that's about what my face looked like. The years haven't altered the basic expression) how hard it was. I was exhorted by my merciless taskmaster to keep going, if I could just climb the hill straight up, then I would be able to master anything! I must have tried for a good twenty mintues to climb the same 10 feet.

Finally, a ski instuctor who happened by actually took pity upon me, taking the unpaid time to teach me how to walk up sideways, which is apparently the way it should be done.

When a professional takes the time to help you and you have not hired them to help you, you then know you have plumbed the depths of humiliation.

Then, I had a really hard time grabbing the tow-pull for some reason, and I actually whomped face first into the snow because I grabbed it at the wrong time. Think the picture to the right again, just encrusted with snow.

I think I "skiied" down the bunny slope a grand total of one time.

But because I love Mr. Personality so much, I am willing to revisit the scene of my embarassment. I wish to spare him the total unfamiliarity with the snow that I have, and I plan on him learning to ski by at least age 10, if not sooner.

Bring it on, Mr. Snow Mountain, bring it on!


Dee said...

Oh, this sounds like so much fun! I have never skiied but my husband has. He has also ice skated when he was younger. I just like to make snow angels. lol

Suzanne said...

I've never skied -- my antipathy of all things cold and my utter lack of athletic ability make the prospect slightly less than appealing.

Still, I would like my kids to learn how to ski someday. Good luck this weekend!

anon said...

You left wing wack-jobs with your global warming should be quarantined in Antartica. We’ll see what you think of global warming when you’re a human icicle. It’s amazing to me how out of touch with reality people like you are. On top of that, I see you also take things from Disneyland. How low can you go? And people like you are always on the President for lying. Lying about WMD in Iraq is nothing compared to stealing from Disneyland. You should be ashamed.

Liz said...

OOh, flash back to that damn tow rope. My skiing career ended on the bunny slopes. And how pitiful is it that it was in Ohio, probably one of the flatest states in the union.

Piece of Work said...

Hey Gina, if you were quarantined in Antartica, maybe then you could learn to ski! Or at least Mr. Personality would. But wait, maybe Mr. Personality isn't a left wing nut job, so he'd get to stay in sunny California.

I miss you! And stay out of the snow! I hate skiing with all of my being and thank global warming for everything it does to shorten the season! (Lance is also a terrible teacher.)

Gina said...

Oh anon, you like me, you really like me!

And here I was, jealous that Mel was getting all of the attention...

Shopping Diva said...

Damn Gina! You're a thief who can't ski and you might soon be a popsicle! I knew I liked the HELL outta you! And you have a huge new fan in ANON! You know you've hit the big time when the utter jackasses are ranting. Bush didn't lie! Snort! He's a politician! Duh!

I refuse to ski. I don't see the point. My husband lived in Colorado up until he married me. He knows all about skiing. I know all about what a goof he can be when he is trying to teach me something. BAAAAAAD combo. I'll let him teach the kids, but I will be back at the lodge with my hot toddy hopefully flirting with a really hot and tall bartender!

Gina said...

It's ok, everybody. Anon is just some harmless, supposedly non-cheap wine drinking person who obviously just cannot get over the fact that I was smart and resourceful in obtaining my Cinderella glasses.

Anon, I might just have something special for you up my sleeve.