Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Little Shuffle and a Shameless Plea

Because I love you so much, my friends, I have decided that discretion is the better part of valor. I am unwilling to inflict another post on you such as the one below. A big shout-out to my homies Heather and Gina, for taking pity on a poor girl with rather painfully obvious writer's block.

I will do two things, one is to post what I would consider for myself the last resort of blogging. Ten random songs from my iPod shuffle. I am going to commence turning it on, and will list the songs in their complete and unchanged order, no matter how embarassing the title or artist. Can you just feel the anticipation? I can.

Although, keep in mind that this iPod shuffle is supposed to have upbeat, fast music to keep me grooving while I fold the laundry and such, so there will be no slow or classical music. I simply cannot afford to buy a whole bunch of songs, so my playlist is rather limited. And even though I am branded a craven thief by eb, I refuse to download songs I didn't pay for.

1. Speed Your Love to Me- Simple Minds
A great, often overlooked band.

2. The Light in Your Eyes- Sheryl Crow
A light, fluffy, inoffensive song. So sue me. At times I just need a break from my incredible hipness, and this song fits the bill.

3. Hit- The Sugarcubes
A rather special song for Hubba-hubba and me.

4. Talk Talk- Talk Talk
Again, another wonderful 80's band who even No Doubt thought was good enough to cover. And I think this song is even better than that one.

5. Jack the Ripper- Morrissey
I like this song, but I really got it for Hubba-hubba.

6. INXS- The One Thing
The real INXS kicked ass.

7. Cities in Dust- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Yeah, so I'm stuck in the 80's. Again, sue me.

8. Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand
I don't know what exactly about this song I like so much, but I just do. I think I tend to gravitate toward songs that change tempo and such, and this one delivers. It has a great guitar riff besides.

9. The End of the World- U2
One of the greatest bands. Ever.

10. Beastie Boys- Sabotage
Sometimes you just need a bit of a Beastie fix. Nice old school rap for me.

Because I couldn't resist putting up the next one:

11. There's Something Going On- Frida
Now if you are my age, and this song does not take you back to those heady high school dance days, then I can be of no further help to you.

Just know that I am such a geek that I listened to all of the songs instead of just skipping to the next.

In honor of Monty Python coming back to PBS (if only for a brief time):

And now, for something completely different.

As seen at much more notable blogs than my own, a plea to my readers. I'm going to jump on this bandwagon before it gets passe.

Is there any topic that you would like me to write about that I haven't yet?

I'm up for just about anything. C'mon, whaddya got? Don't you want to save yourselves from more posts such as the one below?


Anvilcloud said...

I happen to be listening to my pod right now: Loreena McKennit singing Bonny Portmore.

chichimama said...

I knew at least some of your shuffle... :-). I'm not much of a music buff. I would probably know all of it if I heard it, but linking song names and artists to actual music...out of my league. I've been thinking about throwing up an iPod shuffle, but figure I would be way to embarassed to admit some of the crap on there. It's for the kids, really!

And who knew I was starting such a trend :-). I feel so much better that I wasn't the only one struggling for content.

Let's see what's behind door number one...favorite thing to do without Mr. Personality. And favorite thing to do with Mr. Personality.

Suzanne said...

Frida! I LOVE that song. Especially Phil Collins' drumming on it.

As far as a question goes, hmmm. Okay. Since I'm currently sick and feeling sorry for myself that I just can't curl up in bed, what do you miss most about your pre-child life?

Shopping Diva said...

I love your taste in music and all of your posts! If you need a subject, I got:

cheesy: your favorite celebrity boyfriend

serious: do you believe in global warming?

whimsical: are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?

touching:what is your favorite moment with Mr. Personality?,

changing the world:how do we get Jennifer Love Hewitt to quit acting?

these are just some - I got more if you need them!

Liz said...

I wish I could help. I can't even think of anything to write about myself lately. I am blaming it on the gray winter weather here in MD. Yeah, that's it. The winter blahs.

Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

The Cinderelly thief has morals, who knew?

What was wrong with the smelling post? I liked the smelling post. Posts about smelling are not second class citizen posts. Smelling posts deserve equal respect along with the posts about vomit and not wearing shoes in the house. Really.

All smelling posts, hold hands and sing with me...

We shall overco-o-ommme. We shall overcome. We shall overcome somedayyyyy.

Let's see. What do I want Gina to blog about. Hmmmm. Thinking. Thinking. Oh, ok...inquiring minds want to know what was Gina's most embarrasing moment while doing the wild monkey dance. Details. We want details.

Heather said...

Hmmm... question... let's see now... how about:
- If you could only visit one place before you die, what would it be?
- What is the greatest quality you want Mr. Personality to remember about you?

theyellowwallpaper said...

I love music too, it helps me get through my day. I just downloaded a bunch of Brokeback Mountain songs just last night.

As for a question, what's a moment that lead to great personal growth?

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one avility or quality, what would it be?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Gina said...

Thank you all for your great suggestions. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out a bit.

As soon as I can actually ingest something more solid than some crackers, I will begin!

WordsRock said...

I like to read a detailed essay on the choice you make for undergarments. What when where how and why. Hey! You could expand it a little even, like what do you prefer Hubba-hubba to wear? What influence are you having on Mr. Personality's future underwear choices?

Just take it off, take it off, take it all off and blog about it. Yeah. That's the ticket.