Friday, January 27, 2006

Gmail anyone?

So, yeah, so if anyone wants an invitation to Gmail, let me know. I have like a billion of them. It is free and pretty cool. I use it for all of my blog-based email and most of my personal email as well.

Gmail is Google, and the ONLY drawback that I know of is that there are unobtrusive print ads on the right side when you check your mail. It is still in Beta, and I have answered a couple of questionnaires from them about their service.

Also, when you establish your email address, I will automatically get an email telling me about it.

Bwaahaahaaa! I can already taste the power!


chichimama said...

I have a billion too. The ads are a bit creepy as they relate to whatever you are emailing about but the organization rocks.

chichimama said...

BTW still owe you the recipe. C has hidden the book and I now have to play "C's clues" to find it." Except he can't quite remember where he hid it.

Elizabeth said...

Do you realize you start almost every post with the word 'so'? You didn't do it with this post and I feel SO cheated.

Gina said...

Yes, I purposely start my posts with the word 'so.' I have always wondered if anyone noticed.

For you, Miss Elizabeth, anything.

Elizabeth said...

Just for the record that's -

Ms. Elizabeth Your Highness and Exalted Clever One Who Is The Wittiest Commenter On The World Wide Web

You can shorten it to 'Your Highness.'

Mel said...

Gmail rocks. So does Ms. Elizabeth Your Highness and Exalted Clever One Who is the Wittiest Commenter on the World Wide Web.