Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well, Don't Get Your Hopes Up

So the other day I was perusing my site stats, and I noticed that someone had Googled "just another day blog." Ever narcissistic about my pecking order on the search engines, I popped on over to see the result page.

Quelle horror! I am one of quite a few "Just Another Day" blogs. As I stalked each and every one of them, I discovered I was not even the first one to thusly name my blog, and am therefore unable to label them copycats. Drat! Here I was thinking I was some kind of trendsetter.

When I first began this endeavor, I mulled only for a short while on the title, and it actually used to be called something else. Mel would be the only person who would have been aware of the title, and I used it for such a short period that I am positive she does not remember. And really, why should she?

The title actually refers to one of my all-time favorite songs by Oingo Boingo, and it seemed fitting, for at that time just getting through each day was a bit of a challenge.

But I have to tell you, I think my thyroid medicine is beginning to kick in, and I feel positively giddy lately. I seem to have a completely different outlook on life, and all I can say is that it saddens me that my condition was not diagnosed sooner, because if how I feel now is any indication of what is to come, my son has been shortchanged these three years.

In light of all this shiny newness, I am considering changing my blog name. I have no idea to what, but it seems that with the new year, a title change would be a nice way to signal the great things that are happening. But, I want to be a complete original this time.

I know a few people have changed their blog names. Would you do it again? Or if you haven't, have you thought about it?

Who knows, maybe I'll be even more daring and change the background color! Or go completely bonkers and try to update my template!

But, perhaps my true lazy nature will set in and all I will get around to changing is my profile. If that...

I mean, I can't even get around to folding my laundry, so exactly who do I think I am kidding?


Suzanne said...

I would change my blog name, I think. I had no idea what to call it, so I had the URL as Mimilou and the blog name Ephemera. Then I thought that the URL and name should match, so I changed the name to Mimilou. It's distinctive, I guess, but apropos of nothing.

I'm curious, what was your original blog name?

Heather said...

I changed mine, early on before anyone knew about it but my sister. I keep hoping I'll get the motivation/inspiration/time to make the template a little more creative, but it'll probably never happen.

Gina said...

Suzanne, my former blog name was, get ready.... "Life Underground."

Wow, how's that for underwhelming, yet slightly depressing and morbid at the same time?

It's actually the first line of the same song I've been talking about, and it seemed fitting as I was feeling somewhat marginalized as a SAHM at the time.

I'm just going to wait and see if inspiration hits. I should probably take a lot of showers, since my best ideas seem to come to me when I'm in there.

Anvilcloud said...

I have figured out how to appear to change my blog name without actually doing it. You will see it when I post me winter template, probably sometime toward the end of next week. If you change your title, the search engines start over again as it were ... if that is of any concern. Sometimes, I google my own blog to find an old post that I want to refer to; it's handy at times. OTOH, what's wrong with frest beginnings?

Anvilcloud said...

My Last comment may not be completely correct. I was forgetting that you can chnage your blog name without changing your address.

WordsRock said...

I doubt if I'll ever change the name of my blog. I've been considering changing the template, the colors, the layout, but, like you, my lazy nature has prevailed.

But who knows what the new year will bring? :)


Liz said...

We changed our entire layout since when we first started with blogger, they didn't have a way to do comments. When we changed over, we lost all our comments, so our archives look like we have no friends. But it's much more readable now, so it's the price we had to pay. We've never changed the name though.

Mel said...

I changed the name of my blog. Like you, I named my blog with nary a thought to originality or creativity. This whole blogging this was just an experiment in sharing journals among friends so we could see how the others lived. Then, during naptime, in that neverneverland between awake and asleep, I thought of "Actual Unretouched Photo," which I still love, even though people keep googling for strange photos and coming to my blog, not realizing it's just a blog. That's what I get for mentioning "naked" "pantyhose" and "housewife" in the same blog.