Thursday, December 01, 2005

Things Mr. Personality Refuses to Eat

The skin on an apple
Ground meat of any kind
Melted white cheese
Chocolate milk
Lima beans (but really, who likes lima beans anyway?)
French fries
Garlic bread
The crust on any bread
Pizza, except for the crust (go figure)
Any rice other than white rice
Black beans
Chicken in breast form
Sweet potatoes
Sour cream
Any cold cereal other than Crispix (but I've never given him the sugary kind, so he very well may like that stuff if I gave him a chance)
Chocolate cake
Onions (good boy!)
Soup of any kind

Oh, no, I'm not raising a picky eater or anything over here. I think if he could live on bread and butter, he would.

You try feeding him this stuff "at least 15 times" so that he can learn to like it. Let me know how it goes.


Suzanne said...

Complete empathy from me! My son eats only a handful of foods, and I can only hope that he will one day become less picky. It's so frustrating. (That advice to offer a food 10-20 times NEVER worked for us.)

chichimama said...

So sorry. A and C have similarly long lists, but they are, of course, mutually exclusive. C will only eat cheese "raw" shae will only eat it melted. He likes only beef hot dogs, she likes only turkey. (Head banging against wall). I have to say that I haven't even tried 3/4 of the things on your list. Kudos for you for even offering them!

Everyone swears that at age 6 or so it turns around...

Liz said...

I don't know...I could copy and paste that same list for my youngest daughter, and she's 13!

Piece of Work said...

Oh, I know. it is just SO MUCH FUN to offer foods 15 times, just to have them refused. What a waste of money and time! Isaac used to be a good eater, but he is getting pickier and pickier the older he gets. Don't get me started on Vivian--if it's not sweet, or pasta with red sauce, she won't eat it. Period. Then screams in hunger ten minutes after dinner.

WordsRock said...

Wow. That list is amazing.

My son would eat anything, even the strange things. He even went through a period where he would get all excited about kipper snacks. Yeah. Smoked herring. Go figure.

I think food preferences come mainly from the father's side. Blame it on Hubba-hubba. :)


Karla said...

I'm a full grown adult and my list is even more extensive. Don't even get me started on delivery pizza that *may" have been exposed to meat juices during the cutting and slicing phase.

Although french fries? Who doesn't like french fries (providing they aren't from a fast food restaurant when they may have been deep fried along side a hunk of fish or strips of chicken).

Me and Mr. Personality would get along just fine together with our bread and butter I think.

DaniGirl said...

I'm impressed at a kid who doesn't even eat French Fries. Mine will eat those, olives, bacon and ham, which we call "white bacon" and nothing else on your list, so I hear ya! My youngest will eat anything - go figure.