Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Surprises Here

So why can't I be like those people on television whose loved ones cover their eyes and lead them tenderly outside? Then, once outside, they reveal a new Lexus or BMW, replete with large red bow almost as half as big as the car itself.

I seriously want to know who gets a brand new luxury car for Christmas.

And then I want their phone number so I can be their friend.


Heather said...

Sigh. Not me. :-(

Probably nobody out here in blogland - those people are too busy with their perfect lives and perfect friends and perfect jobs and perfect kids to waste time blogging.

Cuppa said...

Sorry I don't have a new car for you, but I do have a great big thank you for the cute Christmas card. I love it. Very creative my dear. Waiting for "Sandy Claus"!!! Too cute.

Mel said...

Not me.

Suzanne said...

My husband and I just had this conversation a few nights ago. He said, "You'd kill me if I did that, wouldn't you?" "Of course!" I replied.

Not that's it's a possibility anyway.