Friday, December 09, 2005

Just Call Me a Red-Blooded American

So not too long ago, I was perusing a favorite website, Clark is a millionaire who has a radio show and quite an extensive website devoted to helping people save money. I also have a link on my sidebar as well. His site is worth at least one visit, you are sure to learn something you didn't know before. Unless you are some big financial know it all, and then you should just get your own radio show.

I was reading some tips, and he had one that suggested in order to save both money and our natural resources, stop washing your clothes after each wearing. Perhaps wear the clothes a couple of times before tossing them in the hamper. He also mentioned that the obsession with washing clothes seemed to be a peculiarly American trait.

Poor Clark, he's never met me, has he?

I would say that the shortest amount of time I could wear a piece of clothing without even considering a washing would be an hour. I don't know what it is about me that makes me incapable of wearing clothing multiple times.

Perhaps I stink, and my subconscious recognizes that and urges me to take as many precautions as I can to stay on the somewhat-clean smelling side.

Perhaps I am a tiny bit of a germophobe, and I can't stand to think of what kind of microbes are having happy multiplying parties on my pants.

Perhaps it is a woman thing?

Hubba-hubba has no problem whatsoever in wearing things until they practically have conversations with him. He can easily wear a pair of shorts for a week before it crosses his mind that they might be in need of some detergent.

Microorganism 1: Duuude, did you hear that we're going to the gas station, again.

Microorganism 2: Jeez-o-pete, not twice in one week!

Hubba-hubba: Shut up, guys, or it's off to the washing machine with you!

I suppose that my refusal to contribute to the saving of water makes me a rather shallow environmentalist. But I contribute in other small ways. I actually still cut up my six-pack rings, although I always have the sneaking suspicion that it was all some made up scam to see if people would actually be silly enough to do something like that. But, for the seagulls, anything!

Some people have a hard time giving up their SUV's, even in the face of global warming, emissions, and scarce gasoline reserves.

Me, it's the act of putting little-worn clothes into the washer. I've now confessed my shameful secret. Please don't sic Greenpeace on me.


Anvilcloud said...

Oh sure, and I'll bet the washing machine is right at the front door where all are obligated to divest themselves of street garments. I'll never let you forget it, y'know? *g*

Suzanne said...

Now I feel all warm in fuzzy inside, knowing that I am contributing to the green movement by being too lazy to wash my clothes after one wearing!

Liz said...

We actually had a duck in a local park here that had one of those 6 pack rings stuck on it's bill. It took about three days before someone captured it and removed it. Keep cutting those rings!!

heidi said...

I totally do the same thing....unless it's something that has to be dry-cleaned. I guess we both are subconcious stinkers.

Piece of Work said...

I'm with suzanne--too lazy to wash my clothes after every wear. This might have something to do with the fact that my children go through AT LEAST two outfits per day, so I am already doing a ton of laundry. Which means: I stink, and I am still not helping the environment.

Karla said...

That was just too funny! I wish my husband was a bit more economical about the laundry situation. I think we've talked about this before, but the amount of underwear he manages to wear in a week just blows me away.