Friday, December 02, 2005

A Cruel Hoax? Or Just Entrepreneurism?

So not too long ago, we were at The Marketplace. You see, we here in the OC are much too haute to have anything as lowbrow as a swap meet. No, we call it The Marketplace, and anyone who is delusional enough to bring dirty old engine parts and set them on a blanket expecting to sell them is run out of town.

All sorts of interesting things are available at the Marketplace. Socks, table linens, hair products, pet products, custom rock fountains, previously owned BMW’s, and art are all on tempting display.

You can also buy jewelry there, from homemade earrings to plantinum rings worth thousands. I happen to love jewelry, and even if I am not necessarily planning on buying some, I usually like to stop and look.

But even though we were towing him in our SUV sized Radio Flyer wagon, Mr. Personality was getting restless in the last three quarters. My sister and I were trying to hurry, so stopping and looking at frivolous things for myself was just not in the cards.

As we rushed down the aisles, a banner for sterling silver jewelry caught my eye. It had the words “Tiffany inspired sterling silver” and the same light blue/turquoise color that Tiffany’s is famous for.

A little ways down, I happened to see a younger man also rushing down the aisle. He had a little light blue/turquoise box in his hands and was looking at the bracelet that lay nestled inside the same color satin. He was going a bit too fast, for he stumbled a bit and dropped the box. I thought I saw the word “Tiffany” on the lid when he closed it.

A couple of thoughts then ran through my mind. I thought, exactly how much can they rip off Tiffany’s before they get sued for copyright infringements?

I pictured this poor guy giving his girlfriend this box, probably in a room dimly lit by candles or perhaps just the Christmas tree lights.

In such bad lighting, I wondered if the woman was going to think that she was truly getting a gift from Tiffany’s, because that is obviously what they all want her to think.

Then my thought was that in the harsh light of morning, somebody was going to be mighty pissed off.

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Anvilcloud said...

I wonder if he's dumb enough to try to pass it off as genuine. Or perhaps he's dumb enough to believe it himself?