Saturday, December 10, 2005


So today was the main set-up day for the party tomorrow. Have I mentioned the party is being held at our clubhouse? The clubhouse has just been remodeled with lovely Pergo flooring, new carpet, new taupe paint, crown moulding, the works. Compare it to its old look of circa 1971 brown stained shag carpet and broken pink window blinds, the improvement is nothing short of astounding.

Of course my mom, my dad, Hubba-hubba and I are running around like the horribly cliched headless chickens. But really that is what we most resembled, so I am going to use it. At one point while standing by the sink, my mother exclaimed that there was some water on the floor. Somebody must have spilled some water from the refrigerator or whatever, we reasoned, and mopped it up.

After a loooong morning, we sat down at my house for lunch. The clubhouse is all of a minute's walk from my place, and after doing some last minute grocery shopping and cake picking-upping, we pushed to finish our tasks. More water was found on the floor and we puzzled at the water gremlin who was having such fun with us. Mr. Personality loved it, as he was using their mop to mop it up and singing to himself while doing so.

I forgot that I hadn't checked the bathrooms yet, and while I was sure they were clean, I just wanted to see if there were places to put candles or flowers or something. For some reason we made the checking of the bathrooms a family affair, and my dad was the first one to spot it.

Yes, the very large and rather inconvenient (at least in my opinion) puddle of water seeping from the men's restroom.

We went back to the kitchen area, and as we began really looking at the floor, it was apparent that every time the floor was stepped on, water came up through the Pergo. And as flooring is pretty much designed to be stepped on, we figured we had a problem.

So as we speak, an emergency on-call plumber is checking things out.

Can I say that I am a bit upset?

There is absolutely no place I can go at this late date with close to 40 people and their assorted children.

Does McDonald's have a banquet room, by chance?


Suzanne said...

Ack! I hope everything turns out okay. Keep us posted.

Cuppa said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Leaky plumbing can cause so much damage. Hope you get it sorted out soon. I will be waiting to hear.

Heather said...

I'm was going to say "Ack!" and then I saw Suzanne beat me to it :-) Hope Mr. Plumber is a wonder-worker!

WordsRock said...

Yikes. Water and Pergo definitely do not mix!