Friday, December 30, 2005

2005, Try to Not Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

So it looks like I am the only loser who is around this weekend. I'm fine with that, really. I spent so many years living it up that being able to spend time with my son in my nice warm and cozy home makes up for the lack of social opportunities.

If I tell myself that enough times, do you think I will start to believe it?

I can't remember the last time that Hubba-hubba and I went somewhere for New Year's Eve, as his current occupation pretty much requires him to work that night. I mean, I suppose he could take it off, but the powers that be frown on that a bit. And since it is a night he normally works anyway, they would have really been less than appreciative.

So, as everyone else is yukking it up, think of me, feverishly working on a hopeful blog semi-redesign. I might not even make it til midnight, if the last few days has been any indication.

What better way to ring in the New Year than in my comfy bed, curled up underneath my blankies?

If I tell myself that enough times, do you think I will believe it?

Happy New Year!


chichimama said...

Happy New Year!

We aren't doing anything either. Kids are sick, no one with kids is coimg within 20 miles of our house. Our kidsless friends have better things to do then hang out with us in our house. I'm sure I'll be out on the couch by 10 at the latest.

A site redesign sounds fun though. Much better than Dick Clark. Can't wait to see it!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

We'll be at home, too. We're so lame. Well, that, and we can't get a babysitter.

Elizabeth said...

We don't need a babysitter and we still aren't going out. This is our 8th New Years together and we have yet to go anywhere.

Yawn. It's just another day except there are a bunch of really drunk people on the road.

I don't think I've been out on New Years Eve since 1982. See...some of us are born losers. Now, if I could just lose a few pounds I'd be the ultimate loser.

Elizabeth said...

oh...right...happy new year. See. Losing my memory also.

heidi said...

Noticed you stopped by the other day, thanks! And please, you are not the only loser. I too will be at home...too bad I don;t know APL, I'd babysit!

Shopping Diva said...

Aw! We are staying home, too! The last time we went out for New Year's I got pregnant so we don't get that drunk anymore! Good luck with your redesign! I am working on the same thing and it is a beeeutch for me. Happy New Year Ms. Gina!
xoxo gina

Heather said...

No, you're not the only "loser", if the definition of loser is a person who stays home New Years Eve. We're home too. The girls are determined they'll stay up until midnight, but Marcel and I might not make it that long. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a swinging bachelor 3rd year law student, and even I stay home on new years. It's just another day to me (besides, all my friends went home for winter break, so there's no one to hang out with). I sat on my porch and watched the fireworks from Universal Orlando. They went on for about 20 minutes. Nice re-design, btw.

Liz said...

By how I feel today, I wish I had stayed home too. Luckily we stayed at a friend's house so we didn't have to drive home.

Happy New Year!

Susan Wagner said...

I was in bed (with a good book, even) at 9:00 last night. Because my kids don't realize that it's New Year's Day, and they still get up at 6:00 am. Whoo hoo! Good times.

Happy New Year!

Mel said...

I love the new color . . . but on the top, that next-blog thing is all crammed to the left. Why is that?

theyellowwallpaper said...

Like Mel I do like the new color as well. In addition, my New Years was just as exciting. We had flown home that evening and were pretty wiped out. Suffice to say, I was reading in bed and elbowed my hubby as midnight to wish him a happy new year. Pretty exciting stuff.

Elizabeth said...

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Suzanne said...

Happy New Year! I remember those fuzzy ribbons -- no one wears them anymore, do they? I wonder why.

WordsRock said...

Finally! A glimpse of the creature who writes this blog! Divine!

Happy New Year :)