Wednesday, November 23, 2005

We Could Sell a Million, I Tell Ya

So, Thanksgiving is almost here. I'm sorry, but Thanksgiving has somehow become the poor stepchild holiday.

Halloween seems to be huge, everyone does something cool on Halloween. I have read quite the few articles on how spending on this holiday and related items has skyrocketed in the past few years. Who doesn't love pretending to be something they're not? Who doesn't love getting scared, other than very young children? Why would anyone want to pass up the chance of getting as much free candy as your parents are willing to haul you around trick or treating for?

And Christmas is Christmas, the numero uno, no holiday can possibly usurp that position due to the fact that large amounts of presents are involved, which doesn't really happen on any other national holiday.

But, every year it seems that Thanksgiving gets more and more overlooked. Shoved off to the side, just a rather annoyingly large dinner to make on the way to "the Big One." Oh sure, they put a few token ceramic turkeys out here and there to decorate the Thanksgiving table, but their hearts just aren't in it. I mean, I suppose that turkeys, who are not exactly high on the charisma chart, coupled with Pilgrims can only drum up so much enthusiasm. Christmas decorations were up the week after Halloween, with nary a nod to waiting until Thanksgiving had passed.

Perhaps we need to start a "Save Thanksgiving" committee. We could gently remind people that it is a time for friends and family to get together. A time for us to reflect on all the bounty we have in our lives and profess our gratefulness for our numerous blessings.

We could wear T-shirts that say, "Thanksgiving, it's not just for dinner."

Who's with me?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Anvilcloud said...

I'm shocked. I thought TG was absolutely huge down there. Perhaps you should observe it in mid-October as your sane northern neighbours do. :)

Mel said...

Or "Thanksgiving: It's Not Just for Turkeys." ;)

Piece of Work said...

I want one of those t-shirts! I love Thanksgiving! Hope you're having a good one.

Suzanne said...

I have never been a huge Thanksgiving fan. Perhaps it's because I eat only turkey and mashed potatoes at dinner and thus have no blissful associations with to other traditional fare.

My family (particularly my nephews) also tends to wolf down their food and then dissipate, so there's little cohesion or family time. When my kids are older, I hope to host dinner on my own, perhaps starting some more favorable traditions that will make Thanksgiving something to look forward to rather than be endured.

Then I'll buy one of those t-shirts!

Heather said...

I'm with AC - I was under the impression it was BIG down south. Truthfully, though, I kinda like it when holidays are a little overlooked - I'd prefer to spend a quiet, uncommercialized Thanksgiving than one where there's too much pressure to buy stuff and make a big deal of it. It would be hard to be thankful if I were all stressed out about making sure I had the right stuff, threw the requisite parties, etc., etc.

theyellowwallpaper said...

Thanksgiving is still one of my favorite holidays. Food, wine, pies galore and introspection, what isn't there to like? But, I admit it's probably not up there for my kids. Sure there are pies, but if the holiday doesn't involve candy, it isn't worth their time.

Gina said...

For my Canadian friends, I think that what people most look forward to here in the US is the Thanksgiving sales and shopping.

But not me, you couldn't pay me to hit the stores the day after Thanksgiving, it is a complete madhouse.

WordsRock said...

I'm with you.

Happy to you and yours, a bit late. :)