Friday, November 04, 2005


Should I be grateful that Hubba-hubba did the laundry?

Or should I be a little pissed off because he managed to ruin both of our large, expensive towels that we received as a wedding gift and that we cannot possibly afford to replace?

Should I be amused that Mr. Personality was laughing so hard that he actually fell down on his bed?

Or should I be annoyed that it was becuase he full-on sneezed right in my face?

Should I commiserate with my sister's bemoaning of her lack of wardrobe and her need to go out and buy all new clothes?

Or should I tell her to stuff her sorry's in a sack since she makes a lot of money and I don't and I don't want to hear about her so called "problem?"

Should I breathe a sigh of relief that Hubba-hubba took over the other night and gave Mr. Personality a bath?

Or should I point out to him the next morning that he allowed Mr. Personality to utterly decimate a bath crayon in there, thus completely erasing my efforts of that morning to clean the tub?

Yes my friends, pettiness is the name of my game. I well and freely admit to being an absolute pain in the ass lately.

I blame my prescription drugs. It's so much easier that way.


Anvilcloud said...

About the hubba items anyway; I think that intention is important.

WordsRock said...

Well well. You haven't given enough options for this truly to be a multiple choice test-like thingy.

Here's my take.
1. Just remember the joy those towels have brought you over the years as you wave goodbye.
2. It won't be the last time you are sneezed on. Learn to love it.
3. Dig deep and be happy for your sister. You know you are.
4. Ask Hubba-hubba to clean up the crayon mess. That way he learns from his mistakes. ;)

Sometimes I need something to blame too. Can I use you being on prescription drugs as my own excuse?