Friday, November 18, 2005


So lately we have been giving Mr. Personality little bitty marshmallows (I don't want to hear it) when he goes pee in the potty. He thinks he is so crafty, and he tries to negotiate how many he will get.

"How about four? Or ten?"

"Hmmmm, ok, I guess I can give you four."

"Oh goody!"

It is hilarious because he always seems to think he has outmanueverd me in some way.

I think I have a completely platonic crush on The Wiggles. Don't look at me like that. Anthony is actually quite good looking, and the rest of them are just so, I don't know, cute! I am also embarassed to say that I cannot stop singing "Where's Jeff?" Hey, it's a catchy little number, ok?

I have finally learned to ignore the constant "no's" that permeate my world. I used to take them a bit personally, each one an affront to my parental authority. Now I just steamroll, steamroll. Life is much easier...

Ok, a question for all of my friends out there. My sister's 40th birthday party is three weeks away, and it is a sort of Renaissance theme (she is very into that stuff). Any suggestions or ideas on fairly easy and cheap decorations to make a room look like a castle? And, no sarcasm allowed! Yes, I'm talking to you!

Can I say that the pressure for me to have another child from friends and family is starting to get fairly intense? I would love to have another one, it just doesn't seem like the right time. But no one seems to agree. Except for Hubba-hubba, and he's probably the most important one, right?

I used to have quite a bit of respect for John McCain. I had always said he was one Republican, that if he ran for President, I would vote for him. That changed when for some bizarre reason that I cannot fathom, he chose to interject himself into the recent proposition campaigns that we recently voted on. He supported Schwarzenegger. Why in the world did a Senator from Arizona feel the need to tell me what to vote for in a California election? Respect gone.

I am using lots of question marks today. I wonder why?


chichimama said...

I'm going to be honest about the two kids thing, I love them both dearly, but it is A LOT more work. Be sure you're readry.

As for the castle, how about little triangle flags around the room like the ones that usually fly from the ramparts? And maybe some gauzy fabric? That seems sort of Renaissancy.

Anthony is my favorite Wiggle as well...

Mel said...

Grace is completely over The Wiggles, to the point of despising them. She will not watch at all.

Did you know Anthony and his wife just had their second baby?

Elizabeth said...

I can't imagine who that person is you're talking to. I've never seen any sarcastic comments on your blog. Are there actually people out there who are sarcastic? Color me shocked. Red would be appropriate if you were coloring me 'shocked.'

I'd suggest lots of candles and fabric draped from the ceiling and everyone should dress up all Ren Fest like. If you're doing it during the day then...don't do it during the day.

John McCain lost any respect when he ran for Pres and in the commercial that was running in Texas he said, 'Trust me. I'll tell you the truth.' I almost never trust someone who tells me to trust them. Dunno why. I think if you have to actually say it you're probably scum.