Thursday, November 10, 2005

Love Handles

So I love me my purses. I don't know what it is about a purse that makes me happy. I have never been one to spend serious money on purses, because goodness knows you can drop a grand on a purse without blinking these days. But, I like to change my purse "look" with the seasons and such. I like to think that a nice looking purse makes me a bit more put together.

I used to have these dainty, small clutch-type purses in the old days, and by that I mean grade school. I don't know if that was normal or not. It was a real purse, not a "toy" one, that was brown leather and looked like a tiny baguette. It could fit perhaps some lip gloss, my house key, and some money. I took it anywhere and everywhere, thinking it made me look older and more sophisticated. Not that a seventh grader can do much to look sophisticated, but I tried anyway.

Then I moved on to colorful, bright purses. Fun purses that shouted, "I have nothing that important in here, but at least I match her socks!" Purses that were more fashion accessory than functional. Not that I have that much fashion sense, but having purses that matched my outfits made me think I did.

Then I hit college, and discovered the "mommy" purse. I have had mommy purses long before I ever became a mother, and I loved them. You can carry everything you could ever possibly need in those things! Brushes! Bottles of water! On a few occasions, extra underwear! Besides, I liked having a purse big enough to carry around all my makeup with me, including my dozen tubes of lipsticks. I hate to be limited in my lipstick choices, even when on the road.

Now I choose my purses on how much I think they can hold, but yet not be so large that they cause me to list to one side when carrying it. Also, how well they camouflage dirt. I mean, if you think about it, (as I often do because I am a bit of a germaphobe) your purse is set down on some fairly disgusting surfaces. At least, mine is. On the floor of the restaurant, public bathroom counters, and many other places. My purse now is faux straw with a black bottom, because one time I was stupid enough to fall in love with a bone white leather purse that quickly became a rather disgusting shade of what could kindly be described as beige.

I am getting ready to switch to my fall purse, which has been waiting patiently for about six months when I bought it on sale for half off.

It's dark brown, of course.


Anvilcloud said...

If you're only getting ready to switch to your fall purse now, you must live in California. Oh wait, you do, I remember the postcards. :)

red fish said...

I LOVE purses! My girls got me a cute one for mother's day (after a well-dropped hint to daddy.) Then my mom got me a different one a few months later. I'v had to switch back and forth to reassure each that I LOVE the purse they gave me. The truth is I love them both and am happy to have two to choose from.

chichimama said...

Addicted to purses. M has made a "one purse in, one purse out" rule to try and contain the purse clutter. At least he didn't dare try to day "no more purses...LOL.

I went with a dark red handbag for fall, very daring for me. I've been envying the dark brown ones though.

Karla said...

As much I love all those cutesy fashion purses, I am totally with you on the mommy purse thing. Mine is just the right size that I can fit everything but the kitchen sink in it, without it looking like a back pack. You just never know when you might need a pad, a tampon, a notepad, a pen, a spritz of perfume, makeup, a sip of water, an apple...

It is, of course, a shade of brown as well. :)