Thursday, November 03, 2005

Has it Really Been That Long?

So today marks four years that I have been married to the wonderful man known to you as Hubba-hubba. I always talk about myself because hey, this is my blog after all, but he is my true partner in life, and he is one of the main reasons that I manage to make it through the day. To quote my father from his toast at our wedding, "They compliment each other, and they bring out the best in each other." So true.

We both love autumn, which in SoCal is a refreshing time when you have been beaten down by the heat of the summer. That is why we chose our wedding to take place at this time of year.

When we became engaged, I had insisted we have an indoor wedding. My "vision" as it were, of my wedding never included the outdoors. I remained steadfast for months, even though Hubba-hubba casually mentioned this place he knew of that I might like to check out. I resisted but he eventually wore me down.

It was a historical landmark, a former estate from an early California settler and eventually, successful businessman. It was vaugely Spanish, with lots of arches. The house was built around a central couryard, with bouganvilla growing all around. The once expansive gardens had been whittled down over time, but were still lovely, with century-old trees and a lovely pool and fountain.

As soon as I saw it, I began to cry a bit. I cried because this place was so gorgeous, I had to say a bittersweet farewell to my lifelong dream of an indoor wedding.

We held our vows in the courtyard at sunset, and which was alight with many, many candles as well as white twinkle lights strung into all that bouganvilla. We recited our our own vows. I remember Hubba-hubba anxiously asking me about my vows, and about how many lines were they? I answered oh, about eight or so. But much to his dismay, my eight multiple compound sentences were nearly triple the spoken length of his. I also managed, for once, to steal the spotlight that is normally his. I was going on about how I would always love him, always stand by him, and then I said, "And I want you to know that I will always, always...(pregnant pause) root for the Yankees." Which got a huge laugh as his fanatacism for the Yankees is well known, and the Yankees were actually playing in the World Series that very night.

Even though the Yankees went on to eventually lose that Series, I have felt for as long as I have known him that I have a winner on my hands. Someone who can tell a story like no one else, that I can hold political debates with long into the night, who is a fine and noble person, and probably the best father that Mr. Personality could ever ask for. He has succeeded in so many ways despite all the odds against him, and he doesn't even realize how wonderful and brave he is half of the time. He even loves to shop.

Hands off, he's mine.


WordsRock said...

No problem, Gina. I'll keep my hands to myself. :)

Happy anniversary to both of you.


Heather said...

Happy anniversary! Hope there are lots of great years (and maybe another baby or two :-) ahead of you!

Suzanne said...

Happy anniversary! Your wedding sounds just beautiful.

Piece of Work said...

Happy Anniversary! I want to see photos! Sounds like you guys lucked out finding each other.

Gina said...

Thank you everyone! :)

Elizabeth said...

He is also a Cinderelly thief.

Happy anniversary!!