Saturday, November 19, 2005

Goodnight Mommy

So this has been the fourth night in a row that I have fallen asleep with Mr. Personality when putting him to bed. His bed is just so comfy and it is so dark so early now that it is just the easiest thing in the world to close my eyes. Add to that the white noise machine and you have a recipe for slumber for someone whose hormone treatments are apparently not working yet. The next thing I know, it is half an hour later and my inner clock has been totally messed up.

Putting him to bed is my last "issue" other than toilet training. He just does not like falling asleep alone. When he does fall asleep, you are able to leave. So it isn't like I am sitting there all night with him, or else I would never have time to write this blog. He doesn't have to be held or massaged, he just likes knowing that someone is there. He digs his little feet into you or spoons up against you, I have to say it is rather heavenly. Lately he has been very afraid of the dark, so now is probably not the right time to push. A nightlight actually makes it worse because then he sees weird shadows that freak him out. Total darkness is working fairly well.

I am defensive about this issue with my family because they see it as a weakness on our part. Well, I should say my part because Hubba-hubba thinks we should stop this in its tracks.

But I actually have to say that I enjoy the entire bedtime ritual, right down to turning off the lights and snuggling with him under the covers until he stops fidgeting and his breathing evens out. Nothing is cuter than a sleeping child. Seriously. To my mind, he is only going to tolerate me there for so long, and probably sooner than I would like, he will be kicking me out.

I am fully intend to enjoy it while it lasts.


Elizabeth said...

Everybody has an opinion, don't they? What is up with THAT? Can you believe how opinionated some people can be? Like, you know that Mel church lady? She is soooo opinionated.

Thomas was afraid of the dark when he was three. I did the exact same thing. His father pulled a hubba-hubba and told me I was enabling him. Whatever. Now his father doesn’t even remember any of it.

Thomas now, at 16, walks home from his job at 10:00 at night in downtown Houston. The dark doesn’t seem to be a-fearing him. But you know what he does? He sleeps with the TV on. Guess who taught him that?

I agree. Enjoy it while you can. It won’t last long.

Mel said...

And you should. I've done the same thing with some of my kids . . . and you're right. It doesn't last forever. And furthermore, whatever works! That's my parenting mantra: Whatever Works.

theyellowwallpaper said...

Stick with your guns. If it was driving you crazy, then of course change it. But, if it's working and you both feel closer for it, don't worry about it.

I get my families opinion a lot lately 'cuz my daughter is nearing three years old and shows zero interest in potty training. So, of course I have to hear all about other kids, younger than she who mastered this feat. UGH!

It's not always easy being an advocate of both your kids and yourself.

Heather said...

Yeah, before you know it, they're nine and they think "lie-with-me-night" is for babies. Sigh.

Gina said...

I feel compelled to add that Mr. P is not and has never been a cuddly child, so perhaps it is a bit of pure selfishness on my part.

But I don't care!

blueyedtracy said...

Hi Gina,

Yes, enjoy it. We may be about the do the same for our little dude's bedtime . . .it's getting crazy and he gets to sleep SOOOOO late. He says he's afraid of ghosts and monsters. He's always asking to sleep in our bed, or asks one of us to lay down with him for "just a little bit".
I read about your blogger meet-up!! How cool. I'm game - are you familiar with the 405/101 interchange . . that's about where I am. Yes, I still have a blog, but just have not made it to the posting part lately. I think this crazy hot weather is getting to me. (Yeah, that's my excuse today.)