Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Different, Yet Somehow...

So now that I am on a big sugar high from a stolen bag of Sugar Babies, I wanted to do something "on paper" if you will, about what my sister says are the similarities between her cat, Meeko, and Mr. Personality.

Ways Mr. Personality is indeed like a cat:

Finicky eater
Gets up on things he shouldn't (like counters and such)
Doesn't listen particularly well
Gets crabby and loud when he gets hungry
Is scared of loud noises
At times, runs frenetically around the house for no apparent reason
Plays with bugs
I still have to clean up his, ahem, personal waste (the pee ones, anyway)
Gets insulted when you are away for too long (purely subjective)
Enjoys jumping
Likes bouncing balls
Needs his food prepared for him

Ways Mr. Personality is not like a cat:

Knows all the alphabet letters and their phonetic sounds
Recognizes words from his favorite books (I think more memorization than anything)
Can do simple addition and subraction
Does not wash himself (very well, at least)
Can let himself out the door
Loves playing with sand (hmmm, that one might be a bit borderline)
Sings and dances
Can speak in words
Has opposable thumbs

Doesn't shed fur (though he does shed clothing and pull-ups at an alarming rate)

It is looking bad for Mr. Personality at this point. I was really stretching on that last one. I am sure that very soon, his "people" traits will outnumber his "cat" traits. Please tell me I am correct about this!


Simply Coll said...

Being like a cat is not so bad :-)

Anvilcloud said...

The one thing that we cannot do although I try from time to time is purr. What an endearing and soothing sound, a balm and benediction.

Suzanne said...

Wait! For the second list, you forgot "No hairballs"!

I think it will all work out in the end...

WordsRock said...

How about snuggling?


Mel said...

Um, does Mr. Personality shed? Or scratch the furniture?

Gina said...

Suzanne- The snuggling thing was tough. I thought about it for a while. My sister's cat likes to snuggle, while Mr. P's anthem is "No kisses!" so I called it a draw.

Mel- He doesn't shed fur, but if you were to look at our entertainment center, full of unsightly dents from him throwing things, I would say that he "scratches" the furniture more than the average cat.