Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Basting (But Not the Turkey)

So really, the weather we have been having here is just ridiculous. For those of you unfamiliar with SoCal weather, which would be most of you, I will give you a quick primer.

When we have an "onshore" flow, life is grand. It is nice and the breezes being generated by the ocean are cool and refreshing. Usually this means normal or cooler than normal temperatures. There is moisture in the air, and the variance from day to night temperatures is not that big.

But when we have an "offshore" flow, watch out. It gets hot. The moisture is sucked out of the air, leaving everyone with dry eyes and chapped hands. The wind is fierce and warm, often being strong enough to knock things over and the like. The difference between night and day temperatures can be over 30 degrees.

Yeah, so guess which one we are experiencing?

We simply cannot remember a November this hot. For this long. We were thinking of an excursion today and we thought, why not go to the beach? For a while, we rebelled at the notion of going to the beach two days from Thanksgiving.

But we got over it fairly quickly and went to bask in the lovely and quite warm beach weather. The water was cold, but it was hot enough that you needed to periodically dip at least your toes in to feel a bit better. Mr. Personality made some friends and had blast.

And as for me, I say there is nothing wrong with a little pre-Thanksgiving tan.


chichimama said...

Sounds lovely. At least the beach part. Not so much the wind blowing things over part. Or the dry eyes and chapped hands part. But the beach in November, yumm.

It's supposed to snow here. I had to pay a fortune to order new snow boots for C so they would arrive in time for the snow. It had better snow now or I'll be very bitter.

Have a happy thanksgiving!

Anvilcloud said...

The house temperature was about 58°F when I awoke this morning. That's actually pretty good for sleeping, but it doesn't make you anxious to hop out of bed. We have been trying to purchase a new digital, automated thermostat lately, but it seems that everybody is buying them up faster than they can be made. At least we could set it to start warming the house before we get up. Thta would be nice.

Elizabeth said...

Your baby boy is just too cute, but you know all about that don't you?

We're having a balmy Thanksgiving too although I don't tan, I pink and pink is not as attractive as tan.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Suzanne said...

Wishing you a happy, albeit unseasonably warm, Thanksgiving!

Mel said...

Better you than me. I prefer to have cold fingers and toes on Thanksgiving.