Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Soapbox

So I have been doing a bit of trolling. I visited a few "right-wing" blogs and websites, looking to see what they were saying about the likes of DeLay, Libby, Rove and Frist.

Not much to my surprise, it wasn't a whole lot. There was quite a bit of "left wing conspiracy" talk, especially in reference to DeLay and the Democratic prosecutor. I didn't catch any mention of Libby, Rove, and Frist other than some factual statements about grand jury testimonies and SEC filings and such.

Where exactly is the outrage from the Republican Party?

Can this possibly the same party that whipped itself into a foaming, frothing, rabid frenzy when it came to President Clinton and a blow job? The self-anointed party of morality and Christian values? All the charges against the men mentioned above are serious crimes, serious abuses of power from elected officials and people in positions of power. Crimes that have affected many people's lives and livelihoods. The outing of an undercover CIA operative literally put lives in danger. Crimes that, if convicted, should result in some serious jail time for the people involved.

But these things seem to be barely a blip on the Republican radar. They are too busy worrying about how the heck they are going to push through more tax cuts for the upper class. You know, that trickle down theory that didn't work back in the Reagan years and certainly isn't going to start working now. They are too worried about a suck-up crony of President Bush with a not-clear-enough zealot background becoming the next Supreme Court Justice. Oh, but you see, its ok if their judges bring their private lives into their judicial decision-making, just not the judge of Tom DeLay.

I really don't mind Repbulicans, everyone has a right to their opinons.

What I do mind is a bunch of hypocrites.


Anvilcloud said...

I don't know about this group (haven't been following much), but for many, morality begins and ends with sex. Defrauding, war mongering, despoiling the environment are all much less serious to these folk than getting a bit of illicit sex on the side.

Elizabeth said...

Now, now...Dems are hypocrites too.

Not many Dems seemed too put out that Clinton lied in front of a grand jury. That was his real transgression. The blow job was why he was there but then he went and lied about it. You didn't hear too much outrage from the left about any of that.

Reps also have to be careful about dumping on DeLay. If he rises from the ashes of his litigation woes, many would not want to be on his list. He was incredibly powerful and if he regains that power and you were against him, I imagine you'd be swimming with the political fishes after not too long.

You gotta play the game.

As for DeLay, he is Satan on earth and I hope that viper hangs from the rope of corruption he's made for himself. I certainly hope the people of Sugarland wake up from their sugar coma and kick that foul, disgusting excuse for a human being out the door.

I don't really like Tom DeLay.

WordsRock said...

Well said, Gina.

Gina said...

Elizabeth, did you mean Frist in your first example?

You are right, everyone can by hypocritical. But, as I said, it is the Republicans who act all holier-than-thou, not so much the Dems.

Elizabeth said...

I think the Dems can get a little holier-than-thou also it's just a different kind of 'holiness' and it's one that doesn't bother you because you support the Dem. ideology.

I'm on the Dem side too. I much prefer the left to the right and I find transgressions of those on the left don't bother me as much as the transgressions of those on the right. It's human nature I suppose.

You're all up in arms about Rep. abuses of power and yet Clinton LIED to a Grand Jury. Do you realize the implications of that? The President of the United States, UNDER OATH, lied in court.

But you'd vote for Clinton again wouldn't you? I would. I liked him. Thought he was a decent Prez. And yet, this is a perfect illustration why the Reps are not all outraged.

Is it hypocritical for the Reps to hide behind God in order to manipulate the masses? Sure it is but it's equally hypocritical for the Dems to hide behind Thomas Jefferson et. al. (you know they do) for the same reason?.

I still hope Tom DeLay chokes on his own vomit.

Elizabeth said...

also...wasn't sure what you meant by my first example but I wasn't specifically talking about Frist in any of the first comment.

Gina said...

Sorry Elizabeth, I thought you were talking about two different politicians in your first post.

As for politicians in general, they are all quite hypocritical for sure. Seriously, there is no such thing as an honest politician.

But I think it is much more reprehensible to label oneself as a "Christian" or whatever to get some votes, and then go ahead and conduct business as usual.

I don't think of Dems as particularly hypocritical, just particularly uninspired and lackluster. Even with all this Rep stuff going on, they cannot manage to form any type of cohesiveness. Which is pathetic.

Clinton did lie under oath. I am not saying that was a good thing. But at least he lied about an extramarital affair and not something that is a felony. Shades of gray? Slippery slopes? Perhaps...

Elizabeth said...

Well, yes, that's all true.

And I hope Tom DeLay gets eaten alive by a million hungry roaches.