Friday, October 28, 2005

Randomness, Ahhhhhh....

Am I the only person who insists upon taking a shower before I work out? I mean, I know there is truly no point to it, I will just get all sweaty and have to take another shower. But, I still do it anyway. Maybe I just like taking showers.

My Mom, my Dad, and I are the only people I know who never add sugar to their tea.

Rap music has pretty much passed me by. Oh sure, I will listen to some "old school" like Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and LL Cool J, but that's about it. The new stuff is kind of coarse and low and I just don't like listening to it.

Mr. Personality is now about 50/50 with peeing in the potty. We're getting there! So what if he has to be bribed, I stopped caring about four months ago. Anything to get him to pee in the potty.

Our anniversary is coming up, and sadly, we have no freaking clue what we would like to do. We just sit and stare at each other and say, "I dunno, what do you want to do?" Classic deflection tactics. We definitely need to get out more.

I would say the best anniversary we have had so far was getting to eat at the famed Club 33 at Disneyland. A friend of Hubba-hubba's pulled some major strings and we were able to get in. We were too cheap to buy souvenirs, so we stole the custom paper hand towels, with gold gilt "Club 33" on them, from the bathroom.

Yes, yes, we seem to have a bad habit of obtaining ill-gotten goods from the Disney Company.

But I am a Disney stockholder, so I feel as if I already own it.

How's that for justification?


Anvilcloud said...

Oddly enough, it was just yesterday I was mildly irked at myself for taking a shower yesterday morning and then having to take another after my bike ride and before my massage. Yes, you are probably the only one, but I'm sure that your eccentricities make you extremely lovable.

Except for a few big years, our standard anniversary celebration involves ordering pizza. We hardly live in the fast lane, but we try to mark the event in some small way.

WordsRock said...

Our new little girl pupper is only 10 months old and has the peeing where she's supposed to thing down pat.

She never throws temper tantrums in public either.

So what's my point?
I don't know.
But I'm certain I have one.


WordsRock said...

PS: What's with the new pink background? :)

Elizabeth said...

Let's see...which ring of hell is farther down? The 'I hate deviled eggs ring of hell' or the 'jusifiable theft' ring of hell. Hmmmm. Satan will have such fun placing you.

Suzanne...did it ever occur to you, Ms. My Dog Is Better Than Your Kid At The Pee Thing, that SOME people like a little change now and then? Hmmm? You're just

Mel said...

Um, I'm going to say that showering before exercising seems a little fruitless. I love your new tagline.