Monday, October 17, 2005

Not That I am Really Into Man-Bashing, But...

So I overheard this conversation when I was curled up on a gurney the other day in the Acute Care Center. I could hear every word because it was set up similarly to an emergency room, with alcoves that were drawn with curtains as opposed to rooms.

Man Patient: You know Doc, I'm just really bad. I mean, I think that every aspect of my life is being affected by this. My work, my job, my sleep, everything. I just don't know what else to do, and I need something that is really going to help... (Blah blah blah in the same vein, basically trying to convince the doctor how serious his condition was)

Man Doctor: Hmmmm, ok, then I think if it is affecting you that badly and you want to get back on your feet and feel better as quickly as possible, then the best way to do that is to give you a quick shot of cortisone. Let me go and get that set up...

Man Patient: Uh, a shot?

Man Doctor: Yes, a cortisone shot will do the trick.

Man Patient: (Panic in his voice) Oh, well, uh.... I wasn't really expecting a shot today. (Pause, and then forlornly) I really don't like shots....

Man Doctor: Yes, ok, well here we go.

Man Patient: (Yelps in pain)

Ok, so maybe I made that very last part up, but the rest of it is oh so true. I am probably a bad person for laughing at this poor guy's fear of needles, but I honestly couldn't help it. The way he said that he didn't like shots, I am positive he didn't know anyone else could hear him so clearly, because he sounded just like a little boy.

I bet he really had to hold that yelp in, though.


Elizabeth said...

Most, not all, men are the biggest whiney babies ever. Back in the day, before I switched teams, my ex-husband was the whiniest whiner that ever whined a whine especially when he was sick or not feeling good.

My son, so far, has not exhibited these tendencies. If he does I'll have to open a can of whoop-ass and tell him to SNAP OUT OF IT!

Anvilcloud said...

Needles are no problem for me except my second last flu shot. Must have been a man-hater because she harpooned me from about the four-foot mark.

WordsRock said...

My son used to almost pass out when he got shots. Truly pathetic. Oh. What I really mean is "oh the little fellow!"

I don't know how he handles them these days. Maybe he finally listened to his mother and looks the other way?