Monday, October 31, 2005


Repeat after me:

I will not raid my child's Halloween candy stash this year.

I will not raid my child's Halloween candy stash this year.

I will not raid my child's Halloween candy stash this year.



Suzanne said...

So if I've already, umm, sampled the candy, just to make sure it's, you know, safe, does that count as raiding?

Mel said...

Uh, I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree on this matter.

Elizabeth said...

Gina the rebel pushes the envelope, hovers on the precipice of danger and says to the world, "I want a new background...AGAIN!'

Boooorrrn to be wiiiiilllldddd...

P.S. - And thus the Lord sayeth to those that justify theft, "STOP oh theft justifiers or thou shalt give me yet another reason to cast you into the depths of the really hot place with the evil one with pointy horns and very bad breath."

Piece of Work said...

LOVE the blue! And it's not raiding until your child is old enough to realize what's happening.

WordsRock said...

Let's face it. There is no way any child can possibly eat all the candy they collect while trick or treating. It is your parental duty to devour your fair share so the little darling doesn't get sick.

Plus it would be a real shame if it went stale. :)


Gina said...

Suzanne- Yes, sorry! :)

Mel- Well, you have 4 children to my 1, and I agree that that is much too much sugar to be having around the house. It has got to get out somehow, and it might as well be you.

Elizabeth- Well excuse me, why do you think I am on Blogger?
I know practically nothing about HTML and was rather proud of my color manipulation skills.

Amy- Thanks for the compliment! I like it too! And, you are making me feel a bit better about the raiding. :)

Suzanne- There is no way this stuff is going to be around long enough to get stale!

Elizabeth said...

Doeseth thou think I mockest they color? NO! I don't be hatin'. I be likin' the color change thang.