Thursday, October 20, 2005

He Even Managed "The Royal Wave"

So today was the first public showing of Mr. Personality's Bob the Builder Halloween costume. One of the local farmer's markets was having a special Halloween celebration, so Grandma and I decided to take him.

Last year, we spent a bundle of money on a Captain Hook outfit from Disneyland. He liked it, he looked cute, and I even thought he might wear it again this year. No such luck, as this 3 year old is a bit on the opinionated side. Nothing but Bob would do.

I toyed with the thought of a semi-homemade costume, as we have overalls and an orange checked flannel shirt here. He has a toolbelt, and even a helmet. But, in the end I caved and bought a Bob costume from Target, which cost 15.99 for a one piece overall, a fabric toolbelt, and a helmet with a picture of Bob the Builder on it.

He was so excited to see himself transformed as Bob, we both started giggling. He began to pretending to talk on the cellphone to Wendy, and then ordered Pilchard out of the building yard. Hey, if that kind of happiness can be bought for 16 bucks, I'm all for it.

Other kids at the market would say, "That's Bob!" and point at him. Eventually he got so used to the attention that when a group of smaller children began waving to him, he began waving back.

Oh, I would be a rich woman if I could bottle his cuteness and sell it. I'd even give you guys a discount. Even though it would mean less money for his college fund and all...


Anvilcloud said...

But was the wave refined and with the back of the hand facing outward? If so, you've obvviously got a prince and not a Bob.

Elizabeth said...

Three and four year olds are the best at being over the top cute. Enjoy because soon he'll be driving a car.

Suzanne said...

How adorable! Sounds like the boy knows how to work a crowd.