Saturday, September 24, 2005

You Should Be Arrested if You're Not Watching

So there is a show out there that is capable of making Hubba-hubba and myself snort Diet Coke out our nostrils. I have been temporarily unable to breathe due to the laughing fits it has inspired. It has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for best comedy.

Yet 7th Heaven has managed to beat it in the ratings.

I am talking about Arrested Development.

Do yourself a favor and turn it on, TiVo it, DVR it, whatever. Heck, pop in a VHS for goodness sakes. I don't care what you have to do, just give it a try. Don't worry you won't know what's going on, the narrator takes care of all that for you. Keep an eye out for GOB, he is my favorite. Hubba-hubba's is Buster. And we both love Michael.

Better yet, rent the season 1 DVD's and then watch the new shows.

I enjoy this show immensely. It's the kind of show where you sit back after it is over and re-enact the show's funniest scenes. So, FOX on Monday night, you or your recorder of choice be there. I love this show, and would hate to see it get cancelled. So I am urging all five of my readers to tune in. I'm real selfish that way.


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I'll watch it, you have persuaded me. That's how good you are.

I think you underestimate yourself. I bet dollars to donuts you have 7 readers.

Elizabeth said...

um...I'll have to wait until next week because there is a documentary about Bob Dylan on tonight and tomorrow and we have no recording capabilities. I know, we're so 1972 in that respect.

Cuppa said...

Well Gina, we tried. We set our PVR to record the program and then sat to watch it later. All through the show AC and I kept turning to each other with a look of puzzlement. Saying to each other without saying a word - "What the heck is going on?? Do you get it? I don't get it???"

We will try a few more episodes to give it a fair chance, but I must admit that the first viewing left us wondering!