Monday, September 19, 2005

We Done Bob Proud (Except Perhaps for the Whacking Him to Bits Part)

So in a nutshell, the party was a heckuva lotta fun.

I had a giant sand-wheel toy and the kids could not get enough of it since it tended to not only turn very quickly, but send sand flying all over the place.

I made waaay to much macaroni and cheese.

The kids running around screaming like banshees when the adults would pretend to chase them. (I am sure the neighbors did not find it half as amusing as we did).

The food, which included steak, chicken, hot dogs, fruit salad, pasta salad, bbq'd sweet potatoes, and grilled asparagus was a big hit.

After opening his gifts, Mr. Personality would exclaim, "Ta-daaaaa!"

I beat my mom at ping-pong.

The pinata was a pull-string one. But somehow, one of the men found a big stick and everyone began taking turns whaling on poor Bob the Builder.

The best part of the party (for me, at least) was my Republican husband urging my son to hit the pinata while shouting, "No unions in this town!"

On second thought, maybe you just had to be there.


Piece of Work said...

Ha ha ha! Sounds like a great success!

WordsRock said...

Pull string pinata? Pull string pinata!?!? That's just wrong in so many ways! I'm pleased to hear the guys took charge!

Happy birthday to your boy. :)


Heather said...

What's a party without a little pinata-bashing? Glad you had fun!

Suzanne said...

Glad it went well! Umm, except for the union bashing via pinata.

Gina said...

Well, Hubba-hubba actually belongs to a union! I never believe his hype.

And, my own freakin' blog won't allow me to comment on it, which is making me a little annoyed.