Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stumbling Around

So I have discovered something that has become dangerously addictive. Most of the time, I can't stop myself, and I know that everything is good in moderation. But it is just so tempting, I can't help myself...

I am talking about this site.

You simply sign up and pick some inocuous user name, it doesn't have to be real or anything. Then, you choose the topics offered that are of interest to you. Yes, it seems a bit skewed towards younger males, and yes, there could be more topics, but it is enough for now.

Then, you install and this little button goes on your toolbar named "Stumble!"

This is very interesting because it points me to some great sites that I otherwise would never have found. The more you rate the sites you are directed to, the more precise the service becomes in delivering ones that will meet your interests.

I have bookmarked a bunch of sites from this, and even if I don't bookmark them, most of them are at least entertaining to read or look at. I am a trivia buff, so all sorts of minutiae catch my eye. You can tell it which specific topics you want it to give you, or you can just be surprised. I myself like to be surprised.

Ok, that little button is calling me, stumbling rocks!


Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...

you are truly evil...don't you know I have stuff to do?! And now this? What is wrong with you? Have you no shame?!