Thursday, September 08, 2005

If I Command it to Go Away, Does it Have to Listen to Me Because I Live Here?

So there I was, sitting in the bathroom, minding my own damn business.

Then, a sound comes floating into my eardrums.

A familiar, whoooshing, rushing sound that means our lives are probably going to become extremely complicated.

It sounded exactly like the last time when we had a pipe that was leaking.

The problem with a leaky pipe in our place is that we have a cement slab foundation. It is not possible to go in and replace the leaky pipe.

Ok, well it is, if you have a mind to jackhammer your entire floor and walls in order to reach said pipe/s.

Hubba-hubba conveniently called in the middle of my intense listening session. I told him my fear. He cussed.

He reminded me that if I was to go and turn the main water valve off, that would be a pretty valid way to check. If whoooshing sound dissipated, ergo, leaky pipe/s.

I shut it off, and I swear I didn't hear it anymore.

Then I went back to make a second confirmation and I think my mind began playing tricks on me. I will check again later.

The last time we had a leaky pipe, oh about 7 months ago, we dodged a bullet because the leak was right in the kitchen and they only had to jackhammer about a foot of tile up to fix it.

If it is somewhere else, we are probably looking at a complete re-piping. Which will cost about three thousand dollars. Of money that we don't necessarily have.



Karla said...

Do our lives parallel one anothers? Not only do our hubba hubba's (love that word) seem oddly similar in with their eating and underware issues, but we also have a leaking pipe somewhere in our main bathroom. Everytime we shower, the opposite side of the toilet leaks massively frightening puddles. We've tried caulking, to no avail.

We're looking at ripping out the tub to fix it. That's 5000 bucks that we have to cough up. Considering I don't have a job right now, can I say OUCH!

My fingers are crossed that your mind was playing tricks on you and you didn't hear a thing.

Anvilcloud said...

Buried in concrete? That is not good. I hope this works out better than you think.

Suzanne said...

Oh dear. Have your fears been confirmed?

WordsRock said...

And? What happened?
Inquiring minds.