Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'd Like Some Answers

Why is it that children's toys are so firmly fastened into their boxes with various pieces of convoluted wire and tape that it takes longer to get them out of the damn box than to actually set them up?

Am I the only person who hates book jackets, and takes them off at the first opportunity?

What is the strange ESP that all young children possess that allows them to know exactly how urgent your need is to get out the door, and throw a tantrum directly porportional to that need?

Why do I always have to be Jeff, the purple Wiggle? I can tell you there are not many people in the world more diametrically opposite me in looks than Jeff.

Are we irresponsible car owners because our car gets washed approximately twice a year?

What is with the fact that I still break out occasionally at flippin' age 34? No one ever told me that it NEVER really goes away.

Does it make me perfectly evil if I am secretly gloating that my SIL is having another boy, even though this is her 3rd attempt to give her only daughter a sister?

Is it that obvious that we don't really get along?

Why is it that Americans keep getting larger and larger, but the clothing keeps getting smaller and smaller?

But what I really want to know is, does the squeaky wheel always get the grease?


WordsRock said...

Answers? You want answers? Well here you go.

1. Unpackaging and setting up toys is the called Level One Fun. Learn how to enjoy it.

2. No, you are not the only one. Book jackets come off my books while I am reading them but go back on when they go back on the shelf. Out here on the correct coast, we call them dust jackets.

3. I have no experience with this child ESP. My son never threw a tantrum. Ever. ;)

4. Maybe you act like Jeff the purple wiggle. Or maybe you sound like him. Either way, embrace it. Deep inside you ARE Jeff the purple wiggle. (WTF is a purple wiggle, anyway? Kinda sounds obscene.)

5. Your car gets washed TWICE a year? Wow. Mine only gets washed every other year, and then only if it really needs it.

6. Acne. You never outgrow it completely. At least I haven't. Dammit.

7. Yes you are perfectly evil.

8. Yes it is obvious. It must be because you are perfectly evil.

9. My clothes have gotten larger as I have. Small clothes must be a west coast phenomenon.

10. Of course the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. That is the way is has always been and will always be. It is a simple fact of life not to be questioned. Roll with it, baby.


Gina said...

Well, Missy, now that you have gone ahead and answered EVERY question...

Hmmmpfh, overacheivers...

Piece of Work said...

Oh those toy wires! I don't understand it at all. And I toss the book jackets as soon as the book comes home. For awhile I was saving them, but then I couldn't figure out what for, so now I just toss them! And if the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, then how do good things come to those who wait?

Karla said...

Dont feel bad about the car thing. I left an apple core sit in mine for a week before I even did the massive chore of tossing it in a trash bin. Washing is never more than once a year. (Except when it was brand new. Then we washed and waxed it almost every other week. That lasted until it got dinged 6 months later and the novelty and appeal was gone).

I saw a sign at Walmart the other day about the change in clothing size. Something like 3X was now 2X or something along those lines. I thought it was a strange thing to do.

Suzanne said...

But, but, without the book jacket the book looks naked! I take the jacket off while I read the book so as not to spindle, fold, or otherwise mutilate it, but then I put it back on.