Saturday, September 17, 2005

Happy in Our Double-Wide

So have I mentioned before that Hubba-hubba and I are big posers?

By that, I mean that we live in a very affluent area, but we are not affluent at all. I'm not kidding, just less than a quarter of a mile away, there are houses that are selling for over two million dollars. It is rumored that our very own governor Arnold has a pad there.

Uh, yeah, our little townhouse is perhaps worth five hundred thousand.

We joke that our little townhouse neighborhood is the "white trash" area that everyone else, with their Hummers and Porsches, try to ignore is (gasp) right next to them. I can see them passing by and holding their noses as they gain sight of my place, which could easily fit into some of the garages in that neighborhood. Again, I'm not kidding.

But I'm actually ok with being a poser, because it gets me great schools, great shopping, a safe neighborhood, and great parks and city services.

Now that I think about it, doesn't being a poser mean that you have some of the right things to fit in, you're just not fooling anyone? I take it back, there is no way I am fooling anyone around here that I am one of the privileged. With my soon to be six year old Honda, currently un-highlighted hair, and clothes that are years out of fashion, they might mistake me for the hired help. I guess I'll settle for squatter.


blueyedtracy said...

Hi Gina!!

I saw your "hello" over on my blog. Hope the birthday party is going well. We will be doing a small gathering for my little guy's 3rd in just a few months. It goes by SO FAST!!

I loved Farrell's!! So much better than Chuck E. Cheese-type places. (But, I have a friend who named her daugher Farrell . . . I always think of the ice cream place.) I replied to you over at my blog too.

Piece of Work said...

Gina--sounds to me like you're in the perfect situation!

Karla said...

I don't call that posing, I call that playing your cards right!