Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Map to My Stars

So I thought I would treat everyone to some totally random celebrity sightings that I have had here in SoCal.

Jerry Seinfeld- At the height of the show's popularity, we saw Jerry a few times at Dodger Stadium, about two rows away. He was there when they played against the Mets, he always had a Mets cap on, I'm not sure if he was trying to hide or not. I never saw a single person ever approach him.

Vanessa Marcil- Formerly on General Hospital, now on Vegas. Again at Dodger Stadium, she sat two rows in front of us. (Have I ever mentioned how awesome our season ticketholder seats were?) She was one of the tiniest women I have ever seen. Her waist seemed to be as thick as my calf. She was cute in person, but not beautiful.

Topher Grace- Formerly of That 70's Show, various films. At Universal Citywalk. This was less than a year ago, and he saw me staring at him, trying to figure out if it was indeed him. I always have to look for a while, because most of them do not look the same as they do in the media. He had this look of "Oh God, lady, please don't scream out my name and run at me or something." Much to his delight, I did not.

John Salley- Former Detroit Piston. Another Dodger Stadium alum, he sat four rows in front of us. Obviously, he was very tall.

Holly Hunter- She sat one row in front of me on a Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix. This was post-Raising Arizona, but pre-Piano. She was also very, very petite and had beautiful hair.

Robert Pastorelli- aka Eldin the housepainter on Murphy Brown. Again at Citywalk, he was walking to the theater with a female companion. I don't think he saw me at all. I was impressed with his black leather jacket, which was really a nice jacket. I wanted to steal it.

Drake Hogestyn- aka John Black in the soap Days of Our Lives. At LAX, he was down in the baggage area with what I assumed was his family. I was really far away, but I am sure that it was him. At that time, which was about ten years ago, I admit my friend had me hooked on that show. But I got some help, and haven't really watched it since.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston- Do all the stars hang out at Universal Citywalk? They were actually there for a premiere, so that kinda doesn't really count. I had no idea they would be there, though.

Arnold Schwarzenneger- We had no idea that we would be going to the LA County Courthouse on the exact same day he would be filing his papers to run for governor. We were coming out of the records department and there he was in the hallway. All I have to say is that he is very small, Hubba-hubba is taller and more muscular (at this point in time) than he is. No Maria with him in the hallway. I actually would have been more interested in seeing her.

And finally...

Morrissey- Former singer of the Smiths and now a solo artist. Hubba-hubba actually did not know that he was harassing one of his singing idols. We were in the parking structure of the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Boulevard, and were trolling for a space. We saw this guy walking, so we followed him, and he was going really slow. Hubba-hubba was getting impatient to park, so he kind of drove really close to the guy, who got really nervous and sped things up. He hopped quickly into some black luxury SUV, and got the heck out of there. Hubba-hubba, being all of maybe 23, laughed at him for being so wussy.

We went into the record store, and bought a new Depeche Mode CD. At the counter, the salesperson told us, "Oh, you just missed Morrissey, he bought the exact same CD like, five minutes ago." Recognition flashed in Hubba-hubba's face, and he realized that it had indeed been Morrissey that he had almost run over.

For living my entire life here, that actually isn't very many celebrities that I have encountered. There might be more, but I honestly can't remember them. Oh, I once saw Chad Lowe at a high school football game, but other than the fact that he is Rob Lowe's brother and husband to Hillary Swank, does anybody really care?

That last bit was kind of mean, and I felt bad after writing it, but I'm gonna keep it, 'cause it's true.


Elizabeth said...

You should have gone up to John Black and done your best soap opera John Black impersonation (I call him the Captain Kirk of daytime) and said, with intense angst and despair and hopelessness..

'I...just...wish...I...could...ACT! Dammit Doc! I...just...can't...ACT!'

Mel said...

Hey, Chad Lowe was on that show with Becca Martin . . . uh, is that her real name or the character name? Anyway, wasn't he?

Gina said...

See what I mean?