Monday, August 29, 2005

It's All Good

So despite the apparent lack of element of surprise for the hotel stay, we did well on the brunch.

My sister led my parents to be fashionably late to their own party, thus enabling all the guests to be seated and waiting for the couple to arrive. I was at the brunch site first, directing people and making sure everyone knew the plan. When my parents arrived, only Hubba-hubba, Mr. Personality, and myself were sitting innocently in the waiting area.

Apparently my sister had just five minutes before told a bald-faced lie to their faces when asked if anyone besides just us would be there.

It was hard to see who was who as they walked toward the tables, but as they got closer, they kept naming people off in amazement. Like I said, two different sets of people had flown in to be there, as well as another couple getting up at 5am to be there on time.

The brunch was lovely. Unseasonably hot, but lovely. We had a perfect view of the beach, as we watched the waves hit less than 300 yards from our tables. It was so nice to see everyone, and I know that my parents felt very loved and supported. Which of course, they are. They are wonderful people that I am so glad to have as my parents. We toasted the happy couple and feasted on the many delicious items, including sushi, heart-shaped Belgian waffles, custom omelettes, salmon, 8 different kinds of fresh fruit, 12 different desserts, and much more.

When talking afterwards with my sister, she said, "You knew we scored big when Mom started getting choked up during the toast." This from my mom who I have seen cry all of perhaps five times in my entire life.

Scored big, indeed.


Elizabeth said...

That lying stuff runs in the family, eh Cinderelly?

Buying your parents a fancy schmancy ride to a fancy schmancy resort?

Throwing a fancy scahmancy brunch for your parents, family and friends?

Your bad-ass sister lying to your parents?
Priceless...oh yeah

Awesome! I'm glad you were able to surprise them and hit the "mother"lode when your mom turned all ferklempt like Barbara Richman.

Like buttah.

WordsRock said...

Oh yeah, making your mother shed tears of joy ranks right up there with winning the lottery.

Well done, Gina. Well done!


Heather said...

Ya done good, girl! Major points for you!

Suzanne said...

Yay! So glad the brunch was a success.